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Beckett is asked to go undercover as Elena Markov, a supposed drug dealer unconscious in the hospital,  to identify a new drug kingpin named Lazarus. But instead of a quick meet up, she is abducted and taken to a compound outside of the city.

Turns out Elena Markov is an assassin and the drug cartel expect Beckett to kill a man. She makes it look as though she kills a man but actually covers him with ketchup and tells him to remain still until everyone leaves. He later contacts the police.

Castle and everyone at the 12th try to track Beckett, to no avail.

Beckett is taken under the compound to a huge money counting operation where she finally meets Lazarus, only to find out it's really Vulcan Simmons, a drug dealer involved in her mother's death. He immediately recognizes Beckett and orders her killed.

Just as she's about to be shot, Elena Markov who has woken up and left the hospital after killing a cop, shows up and saves Beckett, saying that the real Lazarus owed her one.

Back at the precinct, Beckett and the team track down a name she saw in the counting room Future Forward which is tracked to a superfund for Senator Bracken's Presidential campaign. But the compound is no abandoned and there is no evidence to back up what Beckett has seen. 

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Castle Season 6 Episode 17 Quotes

So what's Gates up to besides sabotaging our domestic bliss?


Because it's clear to me that what we both need is a really good font.