Valerie and Byron - Casual Season 3 Episode 4
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Valerie decides to update her clothes before her first storytelling class. At the class, the teacher has everyone individually go up on stage and have everyone else say what they really think about their first impressions. After getting semi torn apart by her classmates, they invite her to get a drink. Valerie ends up going home with Byron, who accurately said he thought she bought her shoes that day. They have sex. Afterward, He asks Valerie what she really thinks about him. She is honest with her opinion. She leaves and he seems disappointed. 

Laura shows Alex a picture of Emmy that shows she's pregnant. Alex gets in touch with her and invites her over to talk. They catch up by him telling her about his dad dying and knowing Valerie has another brother. She opens up about getting ready for motherhood. Before she leaves, he asks if the baby is his. She says it isn't. Alex goes back on Snooger for the first time in a while.

Laura continues with her job getting signatures. She makes friends with a guy who works at the grocery store she's been placed in front of. She accompanies him to his little cousin's birthday party. They have a good time talking until his mother catches Laura stealing from the house. She leaves and he doesn't look at her the next day.

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Casual Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Laura: Where are you getting those lists?
Alex: Headhunter.
Laura: That sounds violent.
Alex: That's what work is, a sublimation of our violent desires to hunt and fuck.

Well, she looks like she's having a midlife crisis, but she's dressed like she's having a quarter-life crisis.