Consulting with a Patient - Chance
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Winter ends up in the ER following Chance's attack. Chance is there and is able to calm Winter down as he freaks out at doctors.

D breaks into Hynes' apartment to gather information -- there is timeline on the wall of the murders and Winter's whereabouts. He discovered Hynes was transferred from a different police department after a mandatory psych evaluation -- is obsessed with Winter.

Chance gets punched in the face by someone as he's leaving the hospital. He is making enemies everywhere he goes.

D and Chance have a bit of an argument regarding how to proceed with Hynes. D wants to get information on him, and is also upset with the doctor for his solo attack on Winter.

Chance visits Winter in his hospital room, performs a pseudo-psych consult with old school images. Winter is seemingly attracted to weak people. He hints at going to Chance's victim unit. Later, Chance finds Winter hiding in someone else's hospital room, eavesdropping. Winter wants to be discharged.

Nicole's friend tells her mom and Chance that the hottest boy in school has been hitting on Nicole. She calls her parents out for being worried about it and explains that things aren't "weird like before," and it's totally normal.

D is doing surveillance on Hynes and follows him to a crime scene where something is being dug up in a field. He sees Hynes crying.

Chance goes to work and discovers that Winter has joined the victim unit and will be attending group therapy. Dr. Clayton compliments Chance on his work.

At group therapy Winter is oddly interested in the stories people are telling, he is fascinated by their victimization and has obviously joined the group for the sole purpose of getting close to these people.

Carl is sent to do recon on Hynes at a gay bar. Hynes reveals he's recently lost someone close to him -- the young informant, Travis, who was killed by Winter.

Chance and D go after another one of their "targets" and Chance watches unfazed as D beats the crap out of the guy.

Nicole is blown off by the guy that likes her and finds out that people at her new school have found out about the stalking incident from last year.

Chance reveals to Hynes that he attacked Winter and that he knows that Hynes was transferred and why. He records the conversation where Hynes admits to blackmail, and explains that he now also has the drop on Hynes.

Chance runs into Winter on the street who is highly interested in continuing therapy. Chance is aware of Winter's sinister intentions.

One of Chance's patients from group therapy is found murdered and he knows that Winter is the culprit. Now how will he prove it?


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Chance Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Chance: Yeah, this [bruise] is why you should not read and walk at the same time.
Nikki: But driving and lying is okay?
Chance: I'll try to be more careful.
Nikki: Let me know how that goes.

Chance: You broke in?! You broke into his place?
D: Definitely keep asking me that. Really productive.