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It's time for the Chief to face the music.

Zoe recalls when she was lying on a sacrificial table, her head bleeding profusely all over her face while Joseph pulled a centipede out of her mouth.

In bed, the little man baby is hovering over her. She follows him into the hallway where he is knocking on the wall, his ear to it.

Inside the door, the Peach family is talking about the little girl and how she's been marked for delivery.

At the same time, Zoe approaches a red door and imagery floats through her head scaring her terribly. She runs.

When Chief Vanczyk takes the elder Peach brother to the grave, someone is missing.

Louise is sewing up Luke's neck.

Zoe reports to Alice what she believes she saw in the hallway. Alice doesn't want to leave.

Zoe tries to talk some sense into Alice, but Alice has not yet experienced the hunger and the Peaches. Nor has she experienced the full feeling of schizophrenia.

Zoe leaves to find them a way out.

Outside, Zoe sees the meat garden and meets the gardener. She picks up right away that he likes questions. She asks him about the red door in the form of a riddle and gets her answer.

Inside, Alice finds Izzy poking her way through the wall, leaving a kind of afterbirth on her face -- the white stuff I wanted to know about! Izzy asks if Alice can get her home, but Alice pokes her back into the wall. She has to hide a little bit longer.

Louise is trying to understand Luke. Chief missed his artery. That's why he's alive. She takes him downstairs and puts him behind the wooden slats in the basement.

Joseph and the man baby are playing chess with the meat man when Alice interrupts. Joseph says they don't eat children, and Alice agrees to show him where Izzy is hiding.

Edie and Meat are taking Izzy through the red door.

Chief makes it to Louise and Luke and makes it seem he's one of them now, marked.

Alice has bought into the garbage. She handed over Izzy and feels comfortable that the girl was taken home. Zoe doesn't feel the same.

Meat man arrives to Alice in a white, sacrifical or baptismal dress, and walks her to the ceremony. Her head is bathed in blood.

Joseph has her open her mouth and he goes in with the pliers, pulling out the centipede.

Alice is gloriously happy as if God himself has just swept down upon her. She lays cradled in Joseph's arms as Zoe hangs her head.

The teeth of a saw sink into flesh and the Chief begins dismembering what can only be Robert.

Zoe heads directly toward the red door, intent on entering.

When she touches the knob, the images flood her brain, but she opens and enters.

Inside, Izzy is laying on the ground in a sacrificial circle. A monster growls from the darkness around them. Zoe looks into the dark, pulls Zoe from the floor and runs.

Zoe finds the door out and sends Izzy on her way. Alice will not leave without Alice. It's going to be a hard sell, though, as Alice is happily looking through trinkets as a wave of peace washes over her.

Zoe remembers that feeling. She remembers not caring about anyone or anything. But it's all lies, she says.

Since Zoe can't get through to Alice, she opens Alice's box containing her centipede and eats it. She's going back the way she went in.

Luke's dad had an explanation for how they go forward and how it was in the past that he decides to just shoot the guy.

Meanwhile, at the Peach residence, Alice fits in beautifully. She loves her food. She digs right in, no leg gauging required.

Zoe is out the front door and down the stairs running through Medallion Park.

Joseph is not pleased to hear Zoe left, dons his hat and goes after her.

He first stops at the sacrifical floor to find Izzy missing. Near the hissing of flies, he speaks to God, saying he is his servant. He asks God not to be angry and God takes away the man boy. Joseph has to promise to get the child they marked. Or what?

Channel Zero
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Channel Zero Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Zoe: He hasn't revealed to you what you will become. [unwraps her leg] You will become very, very hungry.
Alice: Anything is better than going insane. I feel like I am catching on fire. In slow motion. Zo, our entire lives, we have been on the edge of something terrible. Don't you just, for once in your life, want to be taken care of? Protected?
Zoe: That is like saying you are so scared of being disfigured that you have decided to let someone cut your face off.

Mother: Joseph, you're wasting time. If we don't deliver the little girl by tomorrow night, he won't be kind.
Joseph [ear to Edie's womb]: Shhh. I hear a heartbeat.
Mother: Joseph! That is not the child we should be worried about.