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An aspiring journalist named April receives life-altering news on the Chasing Life premiere.

April asks her uncle George to help her see Richie Miranda, a baseball player doing a blood drive at her uncle's hospital, during a blood drive. 

April learns Richie's father died the previous week. They have something in common. 

Floaters don't write major stories. But she got it.  She also gets a "date" with Dominic to see a band later that night.

Mom wants to join an online dating service.

Dominic isn't reviewing the concert.

Uncle George is practically stalking her. She has cancer. It's leukemia. Why wouldn't you say leukemia instead of cancer? 

Her first inclination is to tell her mom, but when she's taken sleeping aids, she decides against it.

Dominic overhears George tell April their relationship is complicated, but he still loves her. 

Mom goes on her date.

April is reading how to talk to loved ones about her cancer, but she doesn't even know what she has yet.

While out at a bar, her nose starts to bleed into her drink.

April's sister needs her, her mother needs her, she's dating and she got a promotion. She also got cancer. It's a hell of a lot to tell her dead dad on his birthday.


Chasing Life
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