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Brenna gets caught in a lie.

April tells Beth that she has cancer.

April doesn't waste any time trying to discover who the new sister is. Luckily her father was a famous author so she can make small talk. When she says it must have been cool growing up with a famous author, the girl books. April gets a picture of her license plate number.

Beth shows up for lunch with April and tells April she slept with her ex, Mike. She took the power back.

April tells Beth she has leukemia and starts rambling about getting a promotion, getting back in touch with her uncle who killed her dad and getting closer to Dominic and then Beth breaks.

Brenna has a hangover. Ben, who took Sara on her date, texts her.

Brenna asks April to take her to find her phone, but April has to go to the hospital so she can't.

April gets information on her leukemia from Uncle George, but she's not really absorbing it. She wonders if she has to start all of this now when she feels so good. She doesn't talk about her bloody nose or getting tired quickly. He thinks she must have had a difficult time telling her family. Whoops.

April meets the new senior political correspondent at work, Raquel. They bond while April hopes to talk to her boss about leukemia, as suggested by Uncle George.

Brenna gets caught for attending the party when someone with her cell phone calls to say they have it. At least they were honest about it.

Raquel tells April to take her time to get to know the candidate, Bruce Hendrie, so that she can stick with him through the entire campaign trail.

Dominic tries to kidnap April for lunch. They make out in the elevator. He talks her into dinner as his place.

Brenna meets Kieran who has her phone and he's actually really cool. Better than Sean Cavanaugh.

Beth points out to April that being light headed could be due to leukemia. She got a Cancer Answers App for her phone.

Sara wants Brenna to get a job to keep her on track. It doesn't go well.

George is transcribing notes. Prognosis uncertain for April.

April meets Dominic's roommate Graham. He's the funny guy who leaves bad reviews for restaurants.

George was driving a car when April's father was a passenger and he just checked out after the death.

Dominic says he likes that she has no drama. He doesn't like the whole damsel in distress thing. She most likely misunderstands.

April wakes up at Dominic's. She was drinking a lot. She said some intense stuff but she doesn't remember what he means by intense.

Grandma Emma messes Brenna because she knows Sara is trying to do the right thing.

Raquel isn't the cool chick we all thought. She's ruthless and trying to sabatoge April. She decided she's not ready for this level of responsibility. The two of them race to the door, but April gets winded and can't get inside. A motorcycle practically hits her and damages a car. It's Hedrie's son, Leo.

April is humiliated by Sean yet again.

Kieran decides to give the mean guys a tatoo that says "I am slow" instead of what they wanted.

Brenna gets a job at the tattoo parlor Kieran works at and Sara freaks out.

Lawrence scraps both of April's stories but tells her she's doing everything right and to keep trying. She'll get the byline soon.

Danny discovered the name of April's sister is Natalie Ortiz. She was in a rental car.

Sara tells Brenna she can keep her job. Brenna wonders if her mother wants her to be someone she's not. Sara misses how much Brenna wanted to be around her.

Beth apologizes to April for being a bad friend by being weird around her. April admits she doesn't know what she needs. Beth makes totally inappropriate jokes about April's cancer and it's exactly what April needs.

April tells George she couldn't tell her boss about her cancer. She won't give her job up until she absolutely has to.

To have keep George from talking to her family, she asks George to be her doctor. He's the best oncologist in the state and she knows he sees patients outside the hospital. He reluctantly agrees.

Chasing Life
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Chasing Life Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

April: Don't worry, I'm not one of those girls who gets all competitive with other girls.
Raquel: Oh I hate those girls.
April: Yeah, me too. We're so much better than them.

April: I have leukemia.
Beth: Hilarious. Seriously, what's up?
April. No. Seriously. I have leukemia.