Put Your Hands on My Shoulders - Chesapeake Shores
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Jess is thinking about making a life-altering decision in her relationship with David in Chesapeake Shores season 3, episode 4. When she finds out a truth that may drastically change her relationship with his family, things get tense, to say the least. But she isn't the only one having relationship troubles as Abby and Trace deal with the reality of paparazzi and how far they are willing to get a scoop. Whether it's the truth or not. This, along with Abby feeling a little out of her element on tour with Trace and his band have their relationship experiencing some speed bumps. Meanwhile, Kevin and Connor still seem to be at odds and even the interference of Nell doesn't seem to be enough to get them back together. Though Thomas and Mick stepping in to get the brothers back together again may just be the trick. Thomas seems to be happier than ever and does his best to get closer to Mick. The air of love floating around Chesapeake Shores seems to be at an all-time high with Thomas and Robin renewing their vows, Mick and Megan planning the entire affair. Something that could prove to bring the estranged couple closer than ever before.

Chesapeake Shores
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Chesapeake Shores Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Abby: Trace, are you gonna be happy without all of this back home?
Trace: We have cheese back home.
Abby: No. Without the thousands of fans screaming your name and the VIP treatment.
Trace: Abby, none of that means anything if I don't have you.

Connor: I object.
Nell: Overruled. Well, Kevin. Connor. Your job is to hang all these lights for the ceremony. Understood?
Kevin: I think that she's grounding us.
Connor: She's not allowed to do that anymore, is she?
Kevin: I don't know. Too afraid to ask.