Evan: That misunderstanding got me thinking. What if it wasn't a misunderstanding.
Abby: What?
Evan: Would you go out with me?

Evan: Uh, did you sleep on it?
Abby: Still sleepin' on it.
Evan: Nice dream you're havin'. Honored to be included.

I just wonder if he's just this really sweet guy under all that oddness.


My time in New York was amazing. I learned so much about myself. But now I know that this is home. Right here.


Megan: But can you trust me?
Mick: Trust you not to leave me again? I don't know if I can.

As much as the road to get there isn't one I'd wish on anyone, there is a silver linking in truly learning your own strength.


Margaret: So, what did the doctor really say?
Connor: Apparently, I came about as close as you possibly can to having a heart attack without actually having one.

Evan: Mick. It's a miracle you're alive.
Mick: Yeah, I just realized that.

Nell: Meg, do you need anything dear?
Megan: No. [pause] Mick. I need Mick.

Evan, if you want to visit, you can just come visit. You don't need an excuse.


Are you asking my permission to court my daughter?


Evan: Your chariot awaits.
Abby: Uh, you don't have an actual chariot, do you?
Evan: No. But that'd be so cool.

Chesapeake Shores Quotes

Mick: So, you and Conor still not speaking?
Kevin: Uh, not really. Ever since he moved out, we just haven't seen each other all that much.

Abby: Between his experience and Kevin's education, running the B and B will be a piece of cake.
Megan: I'm not cleaning up!