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Chesapeake Shores Season 6 Episode 5 Review: L-O-V-E

Chesapeake Shores Review: L-O-V-E

Check out our review of Chesapeake Shores Season 6 Episode 5 to find out how the Obriens are faring in their various request for love. Everyone isn't doing so well!
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Abby O'Brien Winters returns to Chesapeake Shores when she receives a panicked phone call from her younger sister Jess, who has renovated the charming Inn at Eagle Point. The Maryland town her father built has many sad memories and Abby, thanks to her demanding career, divorce and young daughters of nine and seven years of age, has not had time to spare. Saving the inn from foreclosure means dealing not only with her fractured family but also with Trace Riley, the man she left ten years ago. Trace initially poses an obstacle but becomes an unexpected ally and a second chance at finding love.

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Chesapeake Shores Quotes

Mick: So, you and Conor still not speaking?
Kevin: Uh, not really. Ever since he moved out, we just haven't seen each other all that much.

Abby: Between his experience and Kevin's education, running the B and B will be a piece of cake.
Megan: I'm not cleaning up!