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Chief Boden talks to the teenager, a suspected arsonist, we met in the Thanksgiving episode.

Vargas is injured during a fire that may have been set by the teen.

Cruz's brother finds  himself in hot water again.

Kelly rescues a woman who then asks him to lunch.

When Kelly refuses her offer, she returns hours later and suggests dinner.

Vargas has a hard time letting go.

Boden won't give up on Ernie.

Casey and Dawson almost share a moment.

Vargas contemplates suicide.

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I really like this show, but the writers of this episode didn't give our boys in uniform much common sense. In the scene with the stuck elevator... once they found out where the elevator was stuck why didn't they go down to the lower floor and open the door closest to where the elevator was?

Chicago Fire Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Look at you, all lit up light a Christmas tree.


Kelly: Miss Royce?
Renee: Yes?
Kelly: There's a well known phenomenon where people who have been rescued become attracted to the men that help them. Believe me, this will wear off in 30 minutes, tops.