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Chief Boden talks to the teenager, a suspected arsonist, we met in the Thanksgiving episode.

Vargas is injured during a fire that may have been set by the teen.

Cruz's brother finds  himself in hot water again.

Kelly rescues a woman who then asks him to lunch.

When Kelly refuses her offer, she returns hours later and suggests dinner.

Vargas has a hard time letting go.

Boden won't give up on Ernie.

Casey and Dawson almost share a moment.

Vargas contemplates suicide.

Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Look at you, all lit up light a Christmas tree.


Kelly: Miss Royce?
Renee: Yes?
Kelly: There's a well known phenomenon where people who have been rescued become attracted to the men that help them. Believe me, this will wear off in 30 minutes, tops.