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The team is accused a stealing a $50,000 necklace from a woman's home after a grease fire, and are under review by an old enemy of Casey's. The woman later calls the investigation off she "finds" the necklace in a heating vent.

Cruz tries to find a way to get his brother out of the clutches of the local gang, and finds a way during a house fire. Instead of saving the gang's leader, he leaves him to burn to death.

Dawson and Casey go together to one of her family functions, but when she leans in to kiss him he deflects her and kisses her cheek. Casey tell's her he isn't ready partly because it's worth doing right.

Shay finds Severide's pills in his jacket, and, after realizing he's been lying to her about being clean, decides to move out.

The episode ends with a flatbed truck crashing into the ambulance with Shay and Dawson still inside.

Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

It's not a good time because it's worth doing right.


I perjured myself for you Kelly.