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Herrmann returns to work at the firehouse. 

They learn the city is on a tornado watch. 

Chili snaps at Jimmy for breaking up with her because Casey told him to. 

The watch is upgraded to a tornado warning and they prepare for a potential storm. 

Otis asks Dawson for advice to help him get a woman to pick him. 

Brett and Chili are called out to help a woman who is seizing on a restaurant floor. Chili accidentally gives the woman too much morphine, causing her to stop breathing. Brett saves her. 

Dawson tells Otis she thinks he should change his look by shaving his mustache. 

Cruz tries to update Herrmann on Freddie's case, but Herrmann's not interested. 

A tornado touches down in Herrmann's neighborhood and they're called out to the scene. There is a lot of damage and they start searching for survivors. 

They rescue a group of people from a basement, a kid with glass in his back, and his parents. 

The truck swings by Herrmann's house to check on his family, who are fine. 

Boden gets a visit from Agent Alex Ward from Homeland Security. He asks Severide to help her get access to a house. They find ingredients for a bomb. 

Brett confides in Dawson about Chili, who tells her to go to Boden. 

Cruz goes to visit Freddie in jail. 

Otis shaves his mustache. 

Antonio tells Gabby that Chili's sister's body was found. 




Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Otis: Hey, you okay?
Brett: Yeah I'm fine. I'm from Indiana so I've been through my share of tornadoes.

Herrmann: So hey, when's the big day buddy?
Mouch: We haven't exactly set a date yet, we don't want to rush into anything.
Herrmann: Yeah of course man, you're young, you've got your whole life ahead of you. Why rush?
Mouch: I see your sense of humor is still intact. That's too bad.