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Severide slept with Agent Ward. She asks him to keep it a secret.

Herrmann testifies against Freddie. 

Boden offers Chili time off to grieve. She refuses, and he tells her if she messes up again she's fired. 

They get called to a bus fire. They rescue all the passengers who are stuck in the bus. 

Agent Ward asks Severide to sign an affidavit on the building they investigated. He asks for more information before he signs.

The woman Casey and Herrmann rescued from the tornado calls Casey to tell him that her son is missing. 

Chili is mad at Brett for ratting her out to Boden. 

Casey finds Lucas, the missing boy, in his tornado damaged house. Lucas talks about missing his father. 

Brett and Chili are called to treat a patient who turns violent. Chili hits him with a baton and saves Brett. Brett promises not to tell on her. 

Dawson tries to talk to Chili and offer help. 

Agent Ward tells Severide everything she knows about the bomb, and he agrees to sign the affidavit.

Herrmann meets with Freddie's father. He takes responsibility for the way he treated Freddie and asks Herrmann to forgive Freddie. 

Casey attends a fundraiser for the victims of the tornado. 

Chili finally talks to Dawson and Brett about her sister. 

They get a call from parents who are worried their kid will commit suicide. He hung himself, but they are able to revive him. 

Casey confronts the Alderman about the money that was raised for the shelter. 

Herrmann asks the judge to go easy on Freddie. 






Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Brett: What happened to the mustache? I loved the mustache.
Dawson: Oops.

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Mouch: Monogamy, ever consider it?
Severide: Not really.