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They get called to a car accident and find a young girl behind the wheel. Her parents are drunk in the back seat. 

Otis comes to the house to collect his check and meets his temporary replacement, Ferguson. 

Dawson asks Boden for a letter of recommendation to foster Louie. 

Jimmy's brother asks him to help him get a liquor license. Jimmy tells him he won't help.

Dawson asks Antonio to help expedite her background check. He agrees, but he doesn't agree with her decision. He gets angry at Casey for letting her do it alone. 

Otis says he's not going to be replaced without a fight. 

Grant comes to ask Kidd to come to his gig. 

Dawson learns that Louie was placed with a different foster family. 

They get called to a building collapse with 20-plus victims inside. Jimmy's brother gets trapped inside and he runs in after him. Boden pulls him out as more debris falls on his brother, killing him. 

Louie gets sent back to the group home for aggressive behavior and Dawson is called to help calm him down. Dawson learns that Casey pulled some strings to get her a meeting with social services. 

Connie assures Otis that his spot at 51 is safe. 

Dawson thanks Casey for his help. 

Jimmy is upset that Boden let Danny have more time in the building. 





Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 22 Quotes

Mouch: See what I heard when they said medical leave was four weeks paid vacation.
Kidd: Yeah shouldn't you be on a single's tour of Middle Earth or something?

Antonio: You either go get her and make this right for good, or you leave her the hell alone.
Casey: You want to intimidate someone, Antonio, take it back to the 21st. If you're just giving advice then I can tell you, I don't want it.