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Severide bonds with a widow who refuses to leave her burning home when he realizes that her stubbornness comes from her clinging onto the memories of her life with her husband. Anna is being treated at the hospital, but develops an infection, and she signs a DNR, which Kelly doesn't take well. After Anna dies, Stella brings him the photos from her hospital room. Kelly manages to respond in a healthy manner, visiting the widow who still refuses to leave her home despite it being unsafe, and helping her gather some things to help keep her memories alive.

Boden and Casey go around Kannell and speak to one of the chiefs on the review board. They convince him that Kannell didn't contribute to the accident, and find a way to keep the lieutenants name clear as well by claiming that the equipment malfunctioned, giving a false reading on the gas levels. Kannell does not accept their interference graciously, and Casey is dispirited. Gabby reminds him that he isn't one to give up on people, and he goes back, telling Kannell that if he quits because of the ones he didn't save then, he's also quitting on all of the lives he could have saved in the future. Kannell later turns up at 51, telling Casey that he's reconsidered leaving the force, but that he can't face going back to his old house.

Otis and Cruz need a new roommate, but are reluctant to take on Sylvie. She finally convinces them by revealing that she already talked to their super and resolved the parking issue they were facing by negotiating three spots. Things go less smoothly when she moves in -- Cruz objects to her efforts to organize things. When he loses the bouncer job he'd picked up to help make ends meet with the high rent after an altercation with a drunk patron, he lashes out at Sylvie. She makes amends by returning all of his crap to a messy chair by the door, and packing her things. Cruz relents and asks her to stay; the three roomies share a big bear hug.

Brett and Dawson catch a case involving a couple breaking into a closed rock climbing gym. The guy loses control of the rope, and the girl falls, and has a possible internal decapitation. 

Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 20 Quotes

People in this house really can't help moving in with each other, huh? It's like a compulsion.


Hey, Snow White, what happened?

Cruz [to Brett, who is cleaning the apartment]