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Otis returns to 51, but Stella challenges him for the right to drive 81. Casey proposes a "spring training" scenario -- a competition to see who the best driver is. Mouch and Herrmann are upset that Stella is trying to usurp Otis' position, but have no problem taking advantage of the competition for their own benefit. Right before Casey announces his decision, Stella pulls Otis aside and offers to drop out if he'll take over various chores for her. Casey calls her out on the misdecption privately, but congratulates her ingenuity. Stella says she really did it because she knew challenging Otis and giving him a hard time was the only way for things to really get back to normal at 51. 

Bria calls and leave a message for Gabby, asking for her help. Gabby spins out a little when she can't get ahold of the teenager, but Matt calms her down. Just as she's about to cave and drive over to Bria's apartment, Mr. Jamison drops by and also asks for Gabby's help. The girl needs help getting ready for prom -- she doesn't know much about makeup or hairdos or anything girly and her father is at even more of a loss. Gabby takes prom on as a project, calming Bria down and bolstering her up for the big night. She and Matt also arrange for Stella to drive the teenagers to the dance in 81. Helping Bria helps Gabby come to the realization that she's ready to try for a baby again. 

Griz stops by 51 to tell Boden that the promotion isn't going to happen since he's decided to stay on instead of retire. This prompts Boden to take some active steps in his life. He gets personally involved in the next call out, diving into a pile of wet concrete with Kelly to save the girl who was hit by the truck. He also decides to go ahead and buy the boat he's been waiting to get until his next promotion. Things get messy when he and Kelly both receive $30,000 in cash at the firehouse in unmarked envelopes. After a run-in with Griz at the commissioners office, they find out that the money came from the girl's father. They arrange for him to pick it back up at, and he decides to donate it to the 100 Foundation instead. Boden goes ahead and buys the boat with the phisophy that life shouldn't be put off.

Joe is contacted by his high school sweetheart on Facebook. They meet up, and he finds out that she's currently married, but things aren't good. She tells him she can't stop thinking about him and their time together and proposes that they hook up. Joe goes to Sylvie for advice, and she reveals some of her feelings while she's telling him not to consider it. He later watches his ex as she enters the hotel. 

Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 20 Quotes

Matt: Okay, let's not jump to the worst conclusion.
Gabby: Well, you know how my brain works.
Matt: I do, which is why I'm gonna tell you to take a deep breath and wait until you actually make contact with her.

Look, the great thing about 51 is we don't baby anybody around here.