Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 20 Review: The Strongest Among Us

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It's not enough to want something ... you have to decide to do something about it.

Just about everybody at 51 was faced with that horrible truth of adulthood on Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 20.

Boden lost a promotion but got a boat, Otis fought to keep his position as a driver, and Gabby made a decision that will change her life -- and Matt's -- forever.

Making the Save - Chicago Fire

It seems like eons ago that Gabby accidentally got pregnant and then lost the baby. I can't wait for them to finally start their family, and not just because that is going to be one hell of a cute baby.

There's been a lot of talk about #OneChicago's woman problem, but showing a female first responder balance work and family on screen is a move in the right direction. 

How many times has a female TV cop been shown pregnant? I can only think of Rollins on SVU off the top of my head. 

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So often, the dramas we enjoy feature a cast of characters stunted in their maturity because god forbid the all-important sexual tension between leads get upended. 

The problem with this is that it limits just how much individual characters can grow.

Matt and Gabby have done a pretty good (maybe too good) job of showing that marriage doesn't equal boring. But having them grow their family brings in many new aspects of the job to explore.

Matt: Okay, let's not jump to the worst conclusion.
Gabby: Well, you know how my brain works.
Matt: I do, which is why I'm gonna tell you to take a deep breath and wait until you actually make contact with her.

Besides picking out nursery colors, they'll have to decide if they should both keep working as first responders. Why should Gabby be the one to have to give up her job?

And how does their pregnancy affect their other relationships? Will Kelly be left behind again, with Boden and Casey sharing parenting tips? 

And that doesn't even get into the basic logistics of what to do with Gabby while she is pregnant and therefore not allowed to ride on Ambo 61. 

Big Sister - Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 20

Women work all the way through their pregnancies regularly, but television rarely shows it. I hope that the (eventual) pregnancy isn't rushed through if for no other reason than representation is important. 

After all, something like five and a half million Americans are pregnant at any given moment. We should probably see more of them in our entertainment. 

Look, the great thing about 51 is we don't baby anybody around here.


Gabby's resolution fit in with the theme of seizing life and not putting things off. Boden and his boat were the more obvious example of that.

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The Chief literally kept saying things about not waiting around for things to happen to you. Just hit us over the head with a Slamigan (R) why don't you? 

Unfortunately, his story was just ... boring.

Just got to thinking. I spent a lot of time waiting for good things and not enough time pursuing 'em. Mom and dad, they brought me up humble and proud, so awards, commendations, promotions, they weren't things to seek out. I mean, if they came along, that's fine, but they weren't pursued.


I love the idea of him taking Casey and Severide out on his new boat, but that combined with the most pointlessly hyped plot ever just left me cold. 

What was even the point of the money? It was such a roundabout way to get Boden to his resolution about enjoying life. Whoever wrote the promo without reading the script needs to be taken to the writers' room; they have better ideas!

Bribe - Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 20

Maybe the writers expended all their mental energy on the Stella/Otis competition. I hope not, because while hilarious at times, it wasn't exactly heavy lifting on their part. 

I'll admit that layers of Stella's plan were impressively devious -- if we think she was telling Matt the truth. 

I'm inclined to think she was, but it also would have been fascinating if she was covering about changing her mind and letting Otis take the spot. 

Stella: Captain, I just want to say that I don't know whose name you were going to pick --
Matt: This was just a scheme to get Otis to do all your chores? [Stella stutters] Well played.

Otis wasn't the only resident of House Crotis to be deceived. Joe's high school ex was not on the same page as our favorite Zumba instructor despite her forthrightness about her marital status.

Sylvie gave Joe some really solid advice, and though it was played off as inspired by her recent revelation that her roommate's a swell guy, I'd like to think that's what she would have told any of her friends.

Maybe just not quite so emphatically.

Opinionated - Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 20

Delia is clearly using Joe for her own purposes and hasn't considered how he will be impacted. Her marriage is ending, and she thinks about him not because of him but because about how he made her feel.

He'd be a rebound relationship, and Joe Cruz deserves better than that. 

The big question is, did he pick up on why Sylvie reacted as she did?

Cultural References - Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 20

It's frustrating, but having two characters who are attracted to each other but just can't get the timing right gives the writers a fertile field to plant some drama in.

It feels real. Who doesn't have a person like that in their past, a big regret, the one who really got away? 

Josef Ignacio Cruz! Look at you, looking as fine as 1999.


Cruz won't be alone for long in trying to navigate a relationship with an ex. Sarah Shahi is coming back to town on Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 21 ("The Unrivaled Standard").

After Jennifer's bizarre warning and recent revelations about Kelly's past, another skeleton in his closet is sure to rattle Stella. But considering Shahi has a new program (Reverie) premiering on NBC soon, she can probably relax.

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What did you think of "The Strongest Among Us"? Is there hope for Sylvie and Joe? Did Stella want to drive the truck or was she using her evil genius for good? What should Boden name his new boat? 

Join the conversation in the comments section below -- we want to hear your opinions!

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The Strongest Among Us Review

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Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 20 Quotes

Matt: Okay, let's not jump to the worst conclusion.
Gabby: Well, you know how my brain works.
Matt: I do, which is why I'm gonna tell you to take a deep breath and wait until you actually make contact with her.

Look, the great thing about 51 is we don't baby anybody around here.