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Still needing to fill the open slot on Truck 81, Casey suggests Blake Gallo fill the vacant position. Casey became interested in Gallo after seeing the young firefighter pull off a daredevil rescue.

However, Boden is unconvinced by Casey's request, stating he doesn't want to bury another firefighter so soon.

Casey and Severide double team Boden, though, and are able to change the chief's mind. Boden welcomes Gallo to 51 at the end of the episode.

Brett still has trouble adjusting to life in Indiana. She is particularly bothered by the constant run ins with her ex-best friend Hope and the slowness of her new job.

She and Kyle have a discussion about her unhappiness, and Brett decides to go back to Chicago.

Foster tried to extend an olive branch to Collins, her irritating new medic. Collins interprets her gesture in a sexual manner, so Foster "fires" him for his behavior.

Hermann looks for an interested party to take over Otis' share of the bar but has very little luck in enticing the members of 51.

Mouch eventually steps up and decides to buy Otis' share of Molly's, with the help of his wife Trudy Platt. 

Severide and Kidd try to enjoy a day on Boden's boat but end up rescuing another boater who was trapped in the gears of another motor boat.

Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 2 Quotes

Hermann: How would you like to buy into Molly’s? I know you got cash stashed inside that mattress.
Mouch: No thanks. I got retirement looming on the horizon. Last thing I need is to dump my savings into a bar.
Hermann: But you already spend all your money at Molly’s.

Foster: Wow, how many shampoos does one woman need?
Kidd: When Brett emptied her locker, I took in her toiletries. I didn’t want them to feel abandoned.