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Dawson shows up at 51 unexpectedly and tells Casey she came to Chicago to attend a fundraiser gala. She then invites him to come as her date, and he says he has to think about it.

Casey talks to Brett about it, and she encourages him to go to fundraiser.

Casey goes to the gala, and he and Dawson dance and end up sleeping together.

Casey leaves the next morning, and gets a voicemail from Dawson who says he's always welcome to share a tent with her.

Severide and Seager investigate a strip mall fire, which is similar to previous arson case that already has convicted the arsonist.

Severide and Seager later realize both strip malls used the same contractor, and believe he is the arsonist responsible for the two fires.

The convicted arsonist is released, and police step in and take over the investigation.

The episode ends with Severide coming face to face with the real arsonist, who lights up a flare, presumably leaving Severide's life in the balance.

While cleaning out a cluttered cabinet in the firehouse, Cruz finds a broken drone that belonged to Otis and decides to fix it.

When it won't fly, Cruz, with the help of Ritter and Gallo, buys a new propeller online.

Even with the new part, Cruz still can't get the drone to fly. Instead, he finds an old video of him and Otis flying the drone.

Kidd continues burning the candle at both ends, and it impacts her job as a firefighter. 

After her shift, she is exhausted. Brett tells her to go home, instead of going to teach her class at the Academy.

As Kidd is driving home, she runs a stop sign and gets into an accident. The two occupants in the other car are taken to Chicago Med but aren't seriously injured.

Kidd and Boden talk, and Boden apologizes for pushing Kidd as hard as he did.

Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 9 Quotes

Casey: Gabby?
Dawson: Matt.

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Brett: Were you drinking that in the shower?
Kidd: Multitasking.
Brett: You know I can set up an IV to mainline caffeine directly into your system.
Kidd: Would you?