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The episode picks up right where the fall finale left off -- with Severide and the suspected arsonist in the basement. The pair struggle, and the basement catches on fire.

Severide is able to safely escape and save the arsonist, but his heroics get him "fired" from OFI, thus allowing him to return to Firehouse 51.

Seager, though, still wants Severide's help on cases but seems to finally get the hint that he's not interested by the end of the episode after Severide tells her he needs to focus on his job as a firefighter and his relationship with Kidd.

A piece of firefighting equipment is stolen from Truck 81 while out on call, and Casey and Gallo take it upon themselves to find it.

They eventually track down the car the suspected thief drives and see it as they are returning from a call. The entirety of 51 then engages in a high-speed chase, and they are able to recover the missing tool.

Brett and Foster butt heads over Brett's ability as the paramedic in charge. Foster then reveals she's been feeling inadequate since seeing the accomplishments of her medical school classmates and apologizes for her actions. Brett forgives her.

Mouch goes out of his way to get an unaddressed letter to its recipient, a woman who had just lost her husband. The husband sent the letter to his wife before he died fighting overseas, and the woman is grateful to Mouch.

Gallo claims to have a problem with a paramedic from Firehouse 20 named Violet, but no one else buys it. Gallo and Violet verbally spar the entire episode but end up sleeping together.

Firehouse 51 expresses dismay over the redrawn boundaries, as the firehouse will now share calls with Firehouse 20, who they view as a a bunch of "glory hogs."

Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 10 Quotes

Cruz: What was that? The second the chief mentioned 20 you were about the jump out of your skin.
Gallo: What do you mean? I was just reacting like everyone else.
Cruz: No, that was different. Dramatic.
Gallo: OK, so the medic over there is just the absolute worst. We went through EMT training together at the Academy. Bad attitude. Super competitive. Always looking for an opportunity to fight. I tried to get along but by the end, I would have locked myself in the Academy smokebox just to create distance between us.
Mouch: Wow.
Gallo: Anyway, you didn’t hear that from me.

Arsonist: Why? Why’d you come back?
Severide: I’m a firefighter.