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A bunch of government officials laugh about how people are complaining about trains making noise as they go through the area during a meeting. A protester interrupts the meeting and spills something all over the place. One member, Chris Johnson, goes outside for air, but is hit by a speeding car that doesn't stop.

A witness tells Antonio and Laura that the car was a red SUV. He isn't sure if a woman or man was driving, though he thinks it was a woman. The car had government plates. The driver did not stop.

ones was an alderman who supported transporting oil via train, commonly known as bomb trains because if the oil caught fire the train would explode. The environmentalist who staged the protest has a lot to say about these trains and doesn't regret the protest but denies killing Jones.

The license plate of the suspect's vehicle is traced to an old woman who says she rented out the car to strangers via an app. She rented it out to a woman named Jane this morning. The car is traced and the cops find two stoned kids inside. The kids claim they found the car with the keys inside and decided to take it for a ride.

Jane is found in a nearby park with a ton of money. She is arrested but claims that she was paying ransom to get her daughter back.

Jane says the kidnapper called her and threatened Emma if she didn't do what she was told. She was forced to rent the car and get money from four different banks. The kidnapper wanted $8,000. Antonio and Laura think that's low, but Antonio knows the fear of learning your child has been kidnapped.

Jane's ex-husband is interviewed and is worried about his daughter. The girl turns out to have been at the museum with her class the whole time.

Jeffries wants Jane charged with reckless homicide. Valdez and Antonio think the woman was trying to save her daughter's life. Meanwhile, tech un-masks the kidnapper's voice and it is matched to Ted's voice. Stone decides to charge him with felony murder.

The public defender claims there is no precedent for felony murder in cases of intimidation. Stone successfully argues that this case could lead to future lives being saved. The judge agrees. Jeffries thinks that Stone has no case.

During trial, the public defender tries to suggest that Jane lied about Ted being abusive and that there was no real threat to Emma. She accuses Jane of making the whole thing up.

The jury is deadlocked, causing a mistrial. Stone is determined to re-try Ted but he needs proof that he threatened Emma.

Laura talks to Emma but she says her parents love each other and never hit.

Jane is arrested in front of Ted and he confesses, ignoring the public defender's advice to be quiet.

Over drinks, Antonio says that even though he doesn't get along with his ex-wife, part of him always thinks about her and is still in love with her.


Chicago Justice
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Chicago Justice Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Man #1: They're complaining about the horns.
Man #2: They knew they were by the tracks when they moved in.
Man #1: As long as we stay one step ahead of the lunatics, I'm happy.
Man #2: You mean the taxpayers?

Laura: All I got was boom and a flying body.
Antonio: The victim didn't make it. Christopher Jones.
Laura: No way.
Antonio: Was he somebody? Is that why we were called in?
Laura: That was Alderman Christopher Jones. Mr. Bomb Train.
Antonio: Was he for or against?
Laura: What do you think?