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Laura goes to the hospital to talk to the sister of a man, Eric Cates, who was gunned down, and reassure her that he is going to be okay. The woman's boyfriend comes to pick her up and recognizes Laura, calling her by her maiden name.

At the scene of the crime, Antonio and Laura see that a car was shot out. A narcotics detective tells them that a witness came forward who saw a red Chevy.

Laura talks to Stone and explains that Eric is a childhood friend and a confidential informant. Stone doesn't want to do much about it but Laura insists that he deserves protection. They investigate a drug dealer who points a finger at a competing dealer.

Meanwhile, Eric doesn't remember much but he is sure he didn't see a red Chevy. The detectives go to interview the witness and find his son, who seems stoned and refuses to talk to them. While looking into the witness' background, they discover that the son was arrested for statutory rape but the charges were dismissed. The arresting officers were Banks and Kim, the same officers who took the witness statement.

Antonio accuses Banks and Kim of some malfeasance, which they deny. Burrows, the witness, is interviewed but insists he saw a red Chevy and that you do what you have to for your kids.

Further investigation ties Banks and Kim to three murders of gangsters plus the Cates shooting. 

The drug dealer, Jerome, is arrested and cuts a deal where he does 30 years in exchange for turning on Banks and Kim. The cops are arrested.

During a forensics search, it's found that Banks and Kim's cop car was outfitted with a dash cam and there is a recording of them going after Cates. Banks' attorney tries to get it suppressed on 4th Amendment grounds but the judge denies the motion. Soon after, Kim agrees to life in prison in exchange for his family being relocated to somewhere safe.

Banks goes to trial. O'Doyle is relentless, making statements to witnesses disguised as questions and trying to discredit them.

At the bar, O'Doyle tells Stone that the system is broken and that in court they're just dancing around and playing games. He plans to put Banks on the stand because he is sure no one will convict.

Banks gives his testimony, calling the people he killed garbage. Stone tries to question him on this point. It seems successful, but the jury finds Banks not guilty of all crimes.

Eric tells Laura he wishes he had gone to jail instead of becoming a CI and doubts she can protect him.

Chicago Justice
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Chicago Justice Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Laura: CIs are good folks. They risk their lives for us.
Stone: Yeah, and in exchange they stay out of prison.
Laura: So we're supposed to turn our backs on them?

Woman: I didn't know who else to call. Why would anyone shoot him, Laura?
Laura: I don't know.
Woman: What if he doesn't make it?
Laura: He's strong.
Woman: He was a good brother.
Laura: He's gonna be a good brother for a long time.