On Chicago Justice Season 1 Episode 12, when Laura's CI is shot, the state's attorney's office goes on a mission to prosecute the cops who did it.

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Chicago Justice Season 1 Episode 12 involves two dirty cops who commit murders for hire.

When Laura's old friend Eric is shot, she assumes it's because he's a confidential informant who helped Stone put a drug dealer away. The cops look closely at that dealer's brother, as well as at another dealer he points out to them, but can't tie them to the attempted murder. However, when Eric's account of the shooting differs significantly from an eyewitness, the investigators begin to suspect that the detectives working the case are doing something illegal.

The investigation leads to three other murders committed on these two detectives' watch, and Laura and Antonio work to arrest them. When they get forensic evidence proving that the attempted murder of Eric Cates was premeditated, they think they have a strong case, especially when the judge won't suppress that evidence.

One of the detectives cuts a deal, but the other goes to trial, represented by the flamboyant and aggressive O'Doyle.

Stone has a harder time with this case than he expects and O'Doyle's cynicism about it doesn't help.

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Episode Details

On Chicago Justice Season 1 Episode 12, a murder investigation leads to detectives finding other victims found with the same type of adulterated drugs.

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Chicago Justice Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Laura: CIs are good folks. They risk their lives for us.
Stone: Yeah, and in exchange they stay out of prison.
Laura: So we're supposed to turn our backs on them?

Woman: I didn't know who else to call. Why would anyone shoot him, Laura?
Laura: I don't know.
Woman: What if he doesn't make it?
Laura: He's strong.
Woman: He was a good brother.
Laura: He's gonna be a good brother for a long time.