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Will receives a job offer from a hospital in California, but is still waiting to hear from Chicago hospitals. He ends up calling the CA hospital after avoiding visiting Nat in her hospital room. 

Nat loses her wedding ring, and after she gets worked up about it, she passes out. Will isn't happy with the results of her EKG, and sends her up to the echo lab. She didn't have a heart attack, but she did have spasm on her coronary artery. Nat asks Helen where Jeff got the ring, but Helen tries to talk her out of replacing it, suggesting that Nat needs to start moving forward with her life. 

Vicki is heading off to Bethesda for two months. Choi passes the parrot along to the security guard, Earl brings it back for being too noisy.

Will and April treat a repeat patient suffering from alcoholism. He's in for an injured leg, but is going through the DTs. At one point, April tries to slip him some booze to help, but Will stops her, insisting that as a doctor, he knows what's best for his patients. Later, Will notices that the patients symptoms have miraculously vanished. He confronts April about giving the man a drink, but she informs him that it was Goodwin. He angrily approaches her about, and she admits that it's a double standard that she can break the rules without impunity but he can't. She then advises him that some things need to just be let go, before informing him that Nat's wedding ring has been found.

Sarah treats a patient from a nursing home who is dehydrated and delusional, but after they hydrate, she still shows signs of an infection. A second woman from the same home is brought in with the same symptoms. Charles pushes her to think outside of the box, and when a gentleman shows up to see both of the ladies, she realizes it might be gonorrhea.

Connor and Dewey disagree about respecting a patients wishes. Dewey wants to preform a "bloodless" surgery, but Connor thinks it's too dangerous. When the patient goes into vfib, Connor wants to switch to a pump, and brings the wife into the OR in order to gain consent. When the patient finds out, he throws his wife and the doctors out of the room. Dewey and Connor fight about the rights of the patient, and Connor asks if Dewey would be having the same reaction if he wasn't facing his own procedure later that day. 

Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Sharon: You haven't been out in a while.
Daniel: You know, there's a reason for that. There's this new study out, says dating can lead to marriage.
Sharon: It's just a friendly dinner.
Daniel: Yeah, and I'm still paying two and a half alimonies. Those friendly dinners can get expensive.

Ethan: That mean if I feed you some seeds you'll forget about teaching this course?
Vicki: And miss two months in Bethesda? It's the vacation capital of Montgomery county.