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JCAHO visit has Will and Sharon on edge

Man (Nathan) with Lewy Body Dementia. Wife is a neurologist Charles is suspicious that the diagnosis is incorrect. Nathan's BP bottoms out, and Connor has to intubate, and finds internal bleeding on the ultrasound. Nathan's previous bypass graft was displaced by the car accident. Connor and Dewey don't think he's stable enough to get through surgery. Charles requests to get an MRI of the brain while they do other scans.  Charles goes over the MRI results with the wife, and explains that he thinks Nathan has hyperthyroidism exacerbated by his beta blockers. Laura starts to blame herself for Nathan's accident and pseudo-aneurysm. 

Choi on ambo -- he and Brett head out for to treat a hoarder trapped with injured leg. The patient implores Choi not to touch things as he fights his way through to the man, getting cut by a dirty can on his way. Choi thinks he hears another person in the apartment. When a dresser falls over him, he starts to have PTSD flashbacks. The second voice turns out to be a parrot. The victim, Paul burned his leg with grease the day before. Laura fights to get Dewey and Connor to do the surgery. Connor accedes

Sarah and Nat treat dog bites on a young woman. As they're about to discharge, they notice her having a reaction to the dog bites or one of the treatments. They test her for strep. The sister drops the dog off at the ED, and Sarah hands Boomer off to the security guard. When the dog starts barking and growling at a cancer patient, Nat and Sarah order my tests. The patient turns out to have lymphoma

April is in love with Tate

Halstead tries to make nice with Perrington, who is still pissed. 

One of April's patients passes a radioactive seed that was treating his prostate cancer. Maggie struggles getting the urine and the seed cleaned up when going through the proper channels. 

Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

I mean, and Tate totally snores, but I don't mind. Oh, he does this thing where he shoots his dirty boxers into the hamper like a buzzer beater. [beat] Anyway, it's cute.
Maggie. Oh my God. You're in love.


Sharon: Dr. Choi, we're going to need some of your Navy inspired discipline today.
Ethan: Sorry, I'm with the paramedics today. Resident ride-along. And discipline? Is that a nice way of saying I'm a tight ass?