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A patient of Nat's is back in the ER with what looks to be a chemo fever, but test results show that she's contracted an antibiotic resistant infection. Will has a patient come in with the same infection. Nat initially blames herself for a possible outbreak, since she had seen the girl and released her. Then another patient turns up at a west side hospital. Dr. Charles' daughter is brought in as an infectious disease specialist to try and track down the the source. When the team has trouble finding a common denominator between the three patients, Nat and Will decide they need to speak to his patient, which will require removing his intubation tube, which could end up killing him. The patient decides that the risk is worth saving the lives of others, and through his information, the team is able to track the infection back to its source. The girl and the patient at the other hospital, along with the man's roommate, had undergone an endoscopy at Med. The FDA revealed to the hospital that there's a small groove on the device that can harbor bacteria even when cleaned per manufacture instructions. 

When Choi's bowel obstruction patient shows signs of agitation and freaks out when Choi tries to examine him, Charles sends Sarah in to talk to the young man. It takes some time, but she eventually makes a connection with him. When he starts vomiting and showing other symptoms, she gets him to admit that he's a heroin addict. She treats his withdrawal symptoms, and takes Charles with her to present a plan for rehab, but they find a woman at his bedside. He seems even more uncomfortable than before, and refuses to make contact with Sarah. The woman, who says she's his mother, insists that she has everything in hand. Charles and Reese run some unnecessary tests as a stall. As he's about to be discharged, he finally silently communicates with Sarah. She uses the excuse of his coughing ploy to run a chest xray, which shows a small onject embedded in his chest. Charles identifies it as a GPS tracking chip, and concludes that the young man has been trafficked and that the woman is his pimp. Sarah wants to immediately go and "save" him, but Charles tells her that if they free him before he's psychologically ready, they'll be doing more harm than good. She chases out after him anyway, only to catch sight of him just as he's being forced into an SUV.

Choi treats an elderly man with dementia who is brought in with shortness of breath and chest pain caused by a growth in his chest in neck that is choking his carotid artery. His much younger girlfriend/caretaker asks he and Connor to do whatever it takes to save him, but his son shows up and claims that his father expressed his wishes to avoid extraordinary measures. The hospital legally has to follow the son's directive. Latham is in agreement with the hospital's decision, and does not seem perturbed by the pronouncement, which bothers Connor. Choi disagrees, and tries to talk to the man again, which irritates the son. When Choi is in the room with just April and the patient as the man codes, he insists that he hears the old man say "save me" which gives him the legal basis to go ahead with treatment. Connor is rather confused that Latham is now enthusiastic to perform the procedure. Later, Nat catches him looking at other fellowship programs, and he tells her that he's not sure he can spend two years working with Latham. She thinks he just doesn't understand the older doctor, and tells him to come up to the rooftop later that night. Connor is surprised to find Nat, Latham, and other hospital personal performing as a classical/jazz group, with tables full of other employees watching.

Maggie takes Jeff to visit "The Farm," the ICU that houses the long term coma patients. She routinely visits a woman there. Her former patient came in just after Maggie's mother died, and used the same nickname that her mother used to use. Maggie has visited and cared for the woman for years. In an attempt to be helpful, Jeff asks a friend to look into the woman's identity. It turns out that she has a sister in Seattle. While Maggie and the rest are initially relieved that she will have another person to care for her in her life, Sharon visits Maggie shortly after with bad news. The sister has signed paperwork to remove the woman from life support, devastating the chief nurse.

Nat and Jeff are sneaking around, trying to keep their relationship a secret, as are Will and Nina, but neither couple is doing a very good job. Despite their new relationships, Charles' daughter's observation to Nat that she and Will make a good team unsettles her.


Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Nat: Okay, but when you say everybody...
Will: ED staff, ambulance drivers, EMTs. You know, the crazy guy out front who thinks he's Jesus.

Sharon: This is Robin Charles, the newest member of our epidemiology department. Top of her class, DuPont Scholar, and she just happens to be Dr. Charles' daughter.
Robin: What can I say? Nepotism is alive and well.