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April finally accepts Tate's marriage proposal, while Will is approached by her brother Noah with a way that he could end his cash flow problem: concierge medicine. But treating a nosebleed becomes more complicated when Noah doesn't want Will dragging their patient into the ED.

Natalie's newest patient Reggie (Robert Gossett, Major Crimes) comes in demanding to see Goodwin. It turns out he's her first love newly back in town, which is awkward considering that she's newly separated. She and Choi (Brian Tee) fear that Reggie has a parasite that's just now surfaced. Goodwin interjects herself into their treatment plan but soon has to cope with Reggie's impending demise.

Meanwhile Reese once again sees her sex trafficking patient Danny, who tells her that he was kicked out of the shelter he went to after the last episode. Reese considers letting him stay at her apartment but he disappears first, so Reese and Choi decide to go out looking for Danny.

And Connor runs into Robin Charles (Mekia Cox, Secrets & Lies) again and finally realizes that she's Daniel Charles' daughter. The three are then pushed together when Daniel decides to loop Robin into the case of a mentally ill woman with an infected heart valve. Connor believes he needs to operate but Daniel overrules him until Goodwin tells Connor to proceed.

Though the patient recovers it drives a wedge between Connor and Charles, which gets bigger when Robin shows a personal interest in Connor for standing up to her father. And just after Nina asks Will to move in with her, April goes into a coughing fit at Molly's.

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Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

I'm sorry it took so long, but I do want to marry you. If the offer still stands.


Will: Oh, I do not want to go home and face Mandelbrot.
Nina: What? Is your new roomie still leaving toenail clippings on the couch?
Will: Worse. Now he's doing jumping jacks in the nude.