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Choi helps a Navy corpsman acclimate to his pre-deployment rotation in the ED. They patch up an eighteen year old kid who has been shot and who is vowing to go out for revenge once he is realease. Despite an initially grave prognosis, a CT scan shows that the bullet lodged in muscle tissue and that there is no need for surgery. Before he is released, a woman is brought in with a gunshot would. She was sitting in her living room with her kids when a stray shot came through the window. The cops caught the shooters, friends of the first victims. Despite Choi's heroic efforts, the woman dies. He records the details in a journal that he carries in his medic kit.

Sarah can't stop analyzing everybody. She suspects Joey may have an antisocial personality disorder because he has been rebuffing overtures of friendship from the new pathology resident. She eaves drops on April and Maggie's conversation and gets called out on it when she starts asking about April's sleeping habits. She goes to Charles for help, saying that she's can stop analyzing people even herself. He reassures her that it's normal behavior for a first year psych resident, and advises her to "talk less, listen more."

Will is struggling with his finances -- between student loans, malpractice insurance, and rent, he's stretched thin. He advertises on the hospital's internal web board for a room mate, but doesn't receive any satisfactory replies. He's started spending time with Nina from Path, bonding over slides of infectious diseases. 

Will treats a homeless man who comes in after a fall because he injured his wrists. As Will tries to figure out *why* he fell, he and April both notice that he keeps talking about things in the past as if they've just happened. Suspecting mental illness, he calls in Dr. Charles, who notices the same kind of discrepencies. But after Charles hears him talking about people's auras and they CT scan comes back, they realize that he has a tumor that is affecting his balance, vision, and memory. 

Nat and Jeff have a somewhat awkward morning after, heightened by the picture and Jeff and Jeff that she notices before leaving his place. She leaves after giving him a chaste kiss at the corner of his mouth and an ambiguous platitude about how their time was nice. After a harrowing day, she ends up back at his doorstep, looking for some respite from the stresses of her work.

Nat treats a baby who comes in with mysterious symptoms. She keeps getting worse, but diagnostically, nothing makes sense. After the girl is taken up to the PICU, Connor asks Nat if she will speak to the parents about testing the girl for compatibility with his patient, a baby who was born not breathing and has never left the PICU. Tim's health has been declining, and Connor has been trying to get him bumped to the top of the UNOS list for a heart.  Things don't look good for the baby girl, but Nat notices a grass stain on the brother's shirt, and figures out that the girl has contracted botulism. This allows her to plan a course of treatment for the baby girl, but because she gets better, there is no heart donor available for baby Tim. Connor, who has been on the case from the start, takes Tim's death particularly hard. His conversation with Nat at the end of the day inspires her decision to go to Jeff's. 


Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Look, nothing really prepares you for war. But a day in Chicago, the number of gunshots we see, the navy sending corpsmen for a rotation in the ED is a pretty good primer.


Maggie: You're trolling the internet, what'd you expect?
Will: It's the hospital community page, I don't know, someone like me.
Maggie: Oh, you mean, like, a slightly anal, overly stubborn, rule breaking control freak?