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Things are back on track with Nat and Will. He tells Jay that things are better than ever and this perspective is supported by their work together treating a sick child. Will listens to Nat's instinct when she stops him from going ahead with the ECMO treatment they had decided on at the last moment instead of fighting her on it and supports her experimental treatment plan instead. When her gut is proven right by tests Will ordered, Nat remarks that they're doing very well together. Will shows up at Jay's apartment and asks for their mother's wedding ring. 

Connor and Ava are called to the ER to treat a pregnant woman who needs a valve replacement. They recommend terminating the pregnancy before surgery since the blood thinners they'll need to give her will likely cause a spontaneous abortion. The patient refuses; her husband died shortly after they found out she was pregnant and this baby is all she has left of him. Connor comes up with an innovative but far from risk free plan to save mother and baby and gets the go ahead from Latham. Everything seems to be going according to plan until they go to put the new valve in. The hospital doesn't have the right size porcine valve on hand, and getting one delivered will take at least an hour -- time that can't be afforded with their high risk patient. But the mechanical valve will require continued use of blood thinners, which increases the chance of miscarriage. Connor goes ahead with the mechanical valve. Everything seems good at first, but later the patient starts to have substantial vaginal bleeding. They reduce blood thinners to prevent her losing the baby, but this causes the mechanical valve to clog up. The patient dies before Ava and Connor can get her back to the OR and her mother blames Connor. Connor is extremely upset and starts to doubt all of his decisions; he visits Latham and asks to be removed from the conjoined twins case because he can't trust himself. 

Daniel is left an envelope with information about dozens of college girls who went missing from schools where Robert was teaching. He takes it to Sharon, but is inclined to ignore it -- all the cases have been investigated. But while he's helping Sarah gather things up to take to her father in rehab, he notices a picture of Robert with one of the missing girls. He calls the local police department, but doesn't get much information about the case and if Robert had been considered as as suspect since the case is so old. He still doesn't mention anything to Sarah but he does pay Robert a visit. While retrieving a book for the invalid, he notices a key to a storage locker in Madison. Ignoring Sharon's advice, he heads up to Madison to look for evidence. He doesn't find anything concrete, but neither are his suspicions alleviated. 

Emily calls Ethan for help when a fellow party goer ODs. When she comes into the hospital, April notices her clothes and new shoes. Sharon has just announced that somebody stole 40 Percocets from the hospital during the shooting, and April suspects Emily. She goes to Ethan, who initially brushes off the accusation. But when the patients blood work comes back with indications that he ODed on Percocet and not heroin, he confronts Emily. She denies taking the drugs, accuses April of being out to get her, gets upset, and quits. When the patient wakes up, he claims the drugs were his dad's. Ethan regrets his accusation and goes to apologize to his sister, but only finds a note saying that she's left for Vegas. April is still suspicious and low-key threatens the patient into giving up Emily as his dealer. 

Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

Nat: Hey, how was the game?
Will: I'm filing a protest with the league commissioner.
Nat: So, you lost?

Jay: Well, I'm glad you didn't screw things up 'cause you can be a real knucklehead.
Will: What's that supposed to mean?!