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Marcel notices April's ring right away and feels a need to comment that he can tell she didn't tell Ethan the truth. She doesn't want him to mention it again.

Will is going before the board to propose a safe injection site. He feels guilty about what happened to Lynn. His conversation with Maggie about this is interrupted by the arrival of a bunch of patients who were burned or otherwise injured in a plane accident. It turns out that one of the badly burned victims may be Dr. Abrams. The team asks Dr. Charles if he knows about Abrams' travel plans. Abrams was at a conference at Honolulu -- and the victims were on a plane back from there.  Charles cannot reach Abrams on his cell.

Maggie is out of room. Meanwhile the EMTs have another victim who went into premature labor because of the accident.  The woman is crying that this is her last embryo, it has to live. April, Noah, and Will all try to help her deliver her baby. It is delivered in about five seconds. 

Gwen is talking to someone on the phone about changing around her schedule. She drops all her papers and hurries off the phone as Goodwin parks next to her. Goodwin tells her about the plane crash. Gwen asks her about the safe injection site. Goodwin says that Philadelphia has ruled it legal. Gwen says its a legal quagmire and rejects the idea. Charles tells Goodwin about Abrams.

The new parents wonder why the baby has red hair. Meanwhile April notices the baby's hands are turning blue. The mother notices the baby is having trouble breathing. The baby is transferred to the NICU while the doctors try to figure out what's going on.

Mrs. Abrams comes to see Sam all wrapped in bandages. Choi mistakes her for Abrams' daughter, who is backpacking in South America and is off the grid.

April asks Maggie about Dr. Abrams' prognosis. She can't believe it. Maggie asks her about the tension between her and Marcel, which April insists is nothing. Maggie is happy for April and Ethan.

The baby has scarring on her lungs and needs a lung transplant. The mother asks if another baby has to die to get a lung? The parents are told about a living donor option. It would be a major surgery but if they match they could each give part of their lung to their baby.

Natalie sees a baby locked in a car and breaks the window. The baby's breathing is shallow and unresponsive. Natalie brings the baby in to get him help. The baby opens his eyes. Sharon asks about the car and realizes Natalie is describing Gwen's car.

Gwen is standing over the crib. Sharon approaches her and asks her if this is Devon. He is eight months old. Goodwin tells her a story about how she turned away from her son for a second when he was six and he was gone. He was just hiding under a clothes rack. She knows how hard it is to manage as a mother. Gwen's soon-to-be-ex usually drops the baby off but they switched schedules. There is a custody battle going on and she totally forgot she had the baby with her. Saron tells her she weas very lucky and she was sure she wouldn't make that mistake again. Sharon takes her hand.

Apparently Abrams is paralyzed and won't be able to walk or use his hands again. But he will probably wake up and might be able to talk. However he will not be able to feed or dress himself and his condition is permanent. Michelle leaves. Marcel and Choi feel bad for her.

Will is all dressed up and ready to practice his presentation. He goes and April approaches. Noah finds out the mom is a match and the dad is not. The parents ask what's next. April asks Patrick to go with her The mom realizes something is going on. Noah says testing revealed that Patrick is not the baby's biological father.  The mother insists Patrick is the father. Noah says they will rerun the labs.

Devon's father shows up. Gwen lies about why Devon is in the hospital.  Sharon leaves them alone. 

Michelle has decided to take Sam off life support. Choi, minding other people's business as usual, says Michelle has only been married to Sam a few months and that Abrams' daughter is better equipped to make the decision.

Naturally, Choi checks the life insurance policy, discovers Michelle is the beneficiary, and decides that means she just married Sam for his money. Marcel tells him this is not his business and if she wants to take Sam off the vent, that's that. Choi decides to convene an emergency ethics committee.

Devon's father blames himself for forgetting to put a coat on Devon a few days ago. Natalie says the good news is Devon is fine.The father goes to take a call. Natalie says leave me out of this. Gwen begs her not to say anything. 

An assistant comes in and tells Gwen the board meeting is in 15 minutes. She wants to reschedule but ex husband says no.

Will makes a presentation and the board insists they are condoning drug using.  Will has evidence of the efficacy of this method but can't find it on his slides.

The board asks lots of questions Will can't answer. Sharon calls a coffee b reak and tells Will she has an idea.

The labs again show Patrick is not the father. The mother is not the bio-mother. Macy has an emergency while they explain to the parents that there was a mistake and the wrong embryo was implanted in the  mother.

Charles talks to the board. He tells them about his brother experimenting with drugs and alcohol and getting hooked on heroin. He got clean but then he relapsed and died. He was alone when he died. Charles found him minutes too late. 

Gwen seems touched by the story.

Marcel starts the process of taking Sam off life support. Michelle asks for a minute. Meanwhile Choi is upset to learn that the ethics committee ruled in Michelle's favor. Choi is upset and walks out. He sees Dr. Abrams outside! He discovers that Sam gave up his seat for a later flight. Choi runs inside  and starts resucitating the patient. No one knows what's going on til Dr. Abrams walks in.

Gwen tells Sharon that she was returning the favor. Sharon says she had expected Gwen to tell her husband the truth. Gwen says she cna't do that and runs away.

The bio parents have the same last name, which is what caused the mix-up. They are going to find out if the other couple had their baby. It remains to  be seen who is a donor to the baby.

Abrams is sorry he didn't call Michelle. His phone had died. They kiss. Choi is watching them disapprovingly. Turns out the John Doe is the medical sales rep. Choi decides he has to mind Sam's business some more and tell him that Michelle had told them to pull the plug. Sam is glad that Michelle made that decision. Sam informs him that he is the eye candy, not Michelle, who invented the formula for a popular protein drink that Choi drinks. (Take that, Choi!)

Mark calls Gwen a lying bitch. It turns out Natalie told him the truth. Sharon tells her it was her decision. Gwen says you can forget about the safe injection site dead then. Sharon thought they had made progress and is disappointed. Natalie apologizes and Sharon says there is no need to do so.

Charles tells Will he's sorry his proposal didn't go through. Will says there's another way. If they won't let him do this at the hospital he will create an unsanctioned site. Charles says that's a bad idea and Will could lose his license. Will doesn't care. 

It is confirmed that the babies were switched. Both mothers are donors and the fathers are not. Mazy's non-biological mom offers to donate.

April is amazed that the two sets of parents are bonding.

Marcel passes by Choi, who calls to him and says he's quick to judge. He feels he's judged Marcel too. April is watching as Choi says he wants to start over. Marcel goes and April wants to try IVF with Ethan.

Dr. Charles watches video of his late brother and nephew playing baseball.

Meanwhile Will goes into a back alley to an underground safe injection site. Will's friend asks if he's in. He says he is.


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Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Maggie: The manifest says the victim's name is Samuel Abrams. What?
Choi: It's just our head of neurosurgery is named Sam Abrams, but there's got to be a million Sam Abramses, right?

Will: I'm going before the board to propose a safe injection site.
Maggie: Safe injection of what?