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Dr. Charles puts flowers into a holder by a memorial plaque for Cici. He sits down on a bench by himself and takes out his coffee.

Ben is getting a blood draw. He and Maggie talk about how she's getting her first radiation treatment today. Ben wants to stick around. Maggie says he doesn't have to. They kiss.

Natalie asks Will if he is going to a party. He doesn't want to go if she's going. She tells him not to do that and then asks if they can be friends again. Will says yes. Maggie interrupts. They are both needed in a patient's room. Mom is agitated and possibly on something.

In the patient room, we meet the Driscolls. Six-year-old Jesse supposedly burned himself microwaving water. He has burns on his legs. Mom is super agitated and nervous and claims Will treated her before. She doesn't want to leave Jesse's side but eventually Will gets her to go into a different room. He realizes she is using heroin but she says that he gave her oxy four years ago and her addiction is his fault.

Natalie reassures Jesse that his burns aren't as bad as they look. She asks where his Mommy was when the accident happened. Jesse didn't want to wake her cause she was so tired from work.

Will realizes Lynn is right. He apologizes for giving her the meds but wants to help her now. Lynn is ashamed that she got high instead of getting Jesse ready for school.

April wants to talk to Marcel. She doesn't know what to tell Ethan when he comes home tonight. Marcel tells her the kiss was a mistake and she shouldn't say anything. She thinks it would have gone further if Marcel hadn't stopped her. They are interrupted by an ER patient coming in.

The patient is Alex, a motorcycle accident victim, very nervous. He has a collapsed lung and freaks out when Noah intubates him. He has to go upstairs. Marcel promises he's in good hands.

Natalie tells Lynn Jesse's wounds were not infected and he will be okay. She's not sure if there will be scarring. Lynn forgets that she asked her about the scarring and asks again.

Natalie tells Will she wants to call CPS. Lynn can't take care of Jesse's aftercare. Will says Jesse is all Lynn has. He wants Natalie to admit Jesse so he can help Lynn. Natalie says it's against protocol but she will hold Jesse for 48 hours. However, she doesn't think it will help.

Dr. Charles is depressed and looking at photos of him and Cici. Currie comes in to ask about a patient. Charles tells her to discharge the patient and not to offer her gimmicks.

Marcel thinks Alex needs exploratory surgery to see if he has a bleed. April disagrees but Marcel says he's in charge and this is what's being done.

Will tells Lynn she must let Jesse stay or they will be calling CPS. Lynn is upset. She has no one else who can take care of Jesse. Will suggests a rapid detox, 48 hours in the hospital. Lynn reluctantly agrees. Jesse is scared and upset when she says they have to stay in the hospital but she comforts him.

April talks to Alex. He says his dad died in surgery for a heart valve replacement. Is surgery really his only option?

Will starts the rapid detox and gives Lynn naltrexone. Natalie interrupts. She says this is too risky and won't cure addiction. Will tells her it's his fault Lynn is an addict and he has to make this right.

Marcel is angry that Alex backed out of the surgery. He says April is acting out because of Ethan. If Alex goes into shock, it's on her.

Noah bothers April about what that was all about. Maggie intervenes, sending Noah to do some stitches for Dr. Lanic. April thanks her. Maggie asks if she wants to talk. April takes her to an empty room and confesses that she kissed Marcel because she was upset that she might not be able to have children. Maggie hugs her. 

Currie goes against Charles' advice and tells the panic attack patient about the app, but trying it triggers a panic attack and the patient takes her meds when she's not supposed to since they are supposed to help.

Maggie is nervous before radiation. She's upset that Ben can't come in with her. Dr. Singh comes to give Ben news about his blood draw. After a tense moment, she tells him that his cancer is in remission. Ben is thrilled. He and Maggie hug and kiss.

Panic attack patient's throat gets tight and she collapses. Lanic comes and wants to know what happened. Currie doesn't know.

Lynn has a seizure that does not respond to Ativan. Jesse shows up and asks what's going on. Natalie takes him away. 

Alex goes into shock after all. They need to operate right away.

Jesse asks Natalie why Will was intubating his mom. Natalie tells him to help her breathe. Jesse is aware that his mom uses drugs. He says he can take care of her. He has Narcan in his backpack and tells Natalie he has saved his mom twice before. He says he can take care of her, please don't take her away from him.

Marcel operates and tells Noah to assist with a bowel recession.

Charles tells Currie that he doesn't think the patient is having panic attacks.

Ben apologizes to Maggie. He doesn't want to celebrate when she still has cancer. She feels lucky to have him.

Lynn is awake and doing well. She is about to ask if the detox will work when Sharon shows up with CPS, who takes custody of Jesse. Lynn doesn't believe Will when he says he didn't call CPS and accuses him of lying to her.

April tells Marcel he's right -- she doesn't need to tell Ethan about the kiss.

Charles tells the patient that she has a genetic condition that is totally manageable.  However antidepressants make it worse, so he's taking her off them. After, Currie decides to delete the app because it doesn't work. 

Charles says it's good that Currie tried something. Currie says yeah but like you said it's just a gimmick.

Ethan returns and proposes to April. She says she has to tell him something: she can't have kids. Ethan says they will figure that out together. He loves her.

At the party, Charles shocks everyone, especially Sharon, by singing karaoke.

Will is no longer talking to Natalie. As he is leaving, Lynn is brought back to the hospital. She has OD'd and is unresponsive. Will tries to save her but it has been 11 minutes without a pulse. She's gone.







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Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Natalie: You going to Lanie's thing?
Will: I don't know. You were always closer to her than me.
Natalie: You don't have to do this. You don't have to tiptoe around me. If you want to go to the party, go to the party.

Ben: So, big day, huh? Your first radiation treatment.
Maggie: Uh huh. 3 pm in the basement.
Ben: I'll stick around.
Maggie: You don't have to.