On Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 7, Will and Dr. Charles struggle to get a seriously ill young patient who believes he is a vampire to let them treat him.

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On Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 7, Will and Dr. Charles deal with an unusual case: a young adult who believes he is a vampire.

Tom comes into the hospital spitting up blood. He also has teeth that are shaped like fangs. His girlfriend wants him to leave the hospital right away even though Will says that he is very ill and will die without treatment.

Will consults Dr. Charles because he's concerned there is some abuse going on. Dr. Charles decides to put an involuntary hold on Tom. Tom's girlfriend bites Charles and the two run away. Security gets Tom but not his girlfriend.

Meanwhile, April and Ethan clash after a military officer comes into the hospital. She has an infection and a prosthetic arm. She has not informed the military she traveled, because she is not supposed to, but it's her sister's wedding and she is maid of honor. She asks Ethan not to contact Walter Reed about her care, but he does anyway, resulting in a situation where the military police want to take her to Walter Reed right away even though she needs immediate surgery to save her life.

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On Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 7, Dr. Charles and Halstead sink their teeth into a bloodthirsty case and Dr. Marcel and Maggie throw a traditional crawfish boil.

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Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Charles: It takes three months to get a reservation there. How'd you swing that?
Cece: I might have told them I'm dying.

April: Is this what I think it is?
Ethan: It's a fertility chart. And it so happens that this is our fertile window.
April: Oh my God. Ethan. I thought we should do this more laissez-faire.
Ethan: If our goal is having a baby, we should definitely be having sex.