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Ethan has made food, but April has to go to work. She goes to get water and discovers a fertility chart on the fridge. Ethan says it is their fertile window. April goes.

Dr .Charles wondering where Cece is taking him to dinner. Eventually she tells him it's Elinia. She told them she was dying to get a reservation but says she's just kidding about that.

Will isn't sure he's going to the crawfish boil tonight. A new patient comes into the ER, interrupting this conversation. The kid pukes while insisting he's fine. He has a bloody mouth and teeth that look more like fangs.

Will and the nurse think the fangs are odd. Natalie passes by and doesn't talk to Will.

Maggie announces she and Marcel are hosting a crawfish boil. No one wants to come.

Natalie and Elsa work on a patient with severe injuries after a car accident. They send her up and see the mom, who insists she has to see her daughter. They get her to stay where she is. The mother has a dislocated elbow. The mother screams with pain as they fix her arm.

Maggie sees Cece in the chemo room. She sits down in her chemo chair feeling like crap. Her seatmate, Ben, tells her it'll get better and that she looks great.

Choi sees a veteran who has an infection in her arm where her prothetic arm is connected. It is a uturistic fake arm that can grab things. The arm is wired to her nervous system.

Tom (fang boy) is ready to go home. But he has liver failure. His girlfriend wants to go anyway. Will says he needs treatment. His girlfriend says no, we're going. Will says wait. Tom, what do you want? Tom says he wants to go. Will says he has to sign a form.

April and Choi's patient has a positive attitude toward her arm injury. Choi says he needs to talk to the doctor at Walter Reed. The patient says she traveled when she wasn't supposed to. She says she had to go to her sister's wedding,but she wants to keep the military out of this. April agrees.

Ben makes Maggie laugh. Cece comes over and suggests Ben go to get a cookie. He does. Cece wonders whether Maggie asked Ben out yet. Maggie says this is not the place to meet someone. Cece wants Maggie to ask Ben out. He comes back and asks Maggie to have lunch with him after this.

Natalie and Elsa's patient crashes. Elsa intubates. Stats drop anyway. Natalie does it. She tells Elsa not to beat herself up. Elsa says she's not.

Choi has called the doctor on Walter Reed. He says Gina's health takes priority over her desire to stay out of trouble with the military. April thinks he is being overzealous because it has to do with the military.

The girlfriend drags Tom away when Charles tells him that he could die. Tom says he's already dead. Charles tries to put an involuntary hold on Charles. The girlfriend bites him.

Security gets Tom but not the girlfriend. Tom seems to be suffering in the sun.

Tom is full of hives. He says vampires can't be in the sun. Will says that there is a medical explanation. Tom says his girlfriend was right, they just want to parade him out as a cured vampire. Charles asks to see Will privately. He says that the girlfriend has brainwashed Tom.

Ben and Maggie go for a walk after lunch. Ben says he had fun. She did too. She invites him to the crawfish boil. Ben doesn't want to impose. Maggie wants him to come. She invites him to help her cook.

Military police show up and say her treatment is classified and she has to be taken back. They are interrupted by Gina crashing. Gina is septic and needs surgery. The military police insist on taking her now anyway. April goes to get Sharon.

Dr. Abrams tells Kayla's mother that Kayla has brain injuries that can't be operated on. He can't do anything. He leaves. Natalie says there are things they can try. Elsa says it only has a 25%chance of working

Sharon tells the Captain she will need a court order and local police. Until then, they will have to go to the waiting room.  Sharon tells Choi and April to work fast because if there is a court order, there's nothing that can be done.

Cece is worried but Charles says he's fine. Cece also thinks they should cancel their reservation. Charles doesn't want to, but how can he get through to this kid.

Tom insists Charles is trying to get him. Charles tries to get him to think about Kiersten differently. Why isn't she here with him? Tom insists that Kiersten will come back for him at night. Charles and Will ask him to let them help him.

Marcel is about to go home but when he hears it's them vs the military he clocks in to do Gina's surgery.

Kayla is coding. Her mother won't leave the room. Kayla dies. The mother hugs Elsa.

The military helicopter is here. Marcel has five minutes to go before he scrubs in. Choi tells the military person to wait until the surgery is over. Otherwise Gina will die. Military person calls DoD to see what to do.

During the surgery, Marcel offers to make April a cocktail tonight.

Tom calls Will in. He's feeling sick. He also thinks his girlfriend blocked him because she's not taking his calls. He's upset. He never felt more alive than when he was with her.  He's sure Will doesn't understand. Will understands. Tom wonders if it was all a lie. He feels stupid. Will says let's focus on getting you feeling better.

Abcess has been drained and the patient released to the military. April is worried about what the Army will do. She's mad at Ethan for calling Walter Reed.

Elsa tells Natalie that she does have feelings. She feels overwhelmed by emotion. Natalie tells her her feelings will be her greatest asset as a doctor.

Will tells Charles that Tom has hepatitis. That plus the liver failure caused the reaction to the sun. He thinks Charles should be tested for hepatitis too since he got bitten.

The crawfish boil happens. Maggie introduces Ben to April. Marcel is disappointed that Maggie wasn't able to bring jambalya. Apparently she and Ben had sex (maybe). Will comes up to Elsa and asks how she's doing. She says he doesn't have to be nice to her. Will says he doesn't know how to crack a crawfish shell. Elsa shows him.

Marcel gives April a drink. He says it's stronger than she thinks it is. Marcel almost kisses April. She runs away. Just then Ethan shows up. He asks to talk to her. He apologizes. April forgives him. They hug.

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Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Charles: It takes three months to get a reservation there. How'd you swing that?
Cece: I might have told them I'm dying.

April: Is this what I think it is?
Ethan: It's a fertility chart. And it so happens that this is our fertile window.
April: Oh my God. Ethan. I thought we should do this more laissez-faire.
Ethan: If our goal is having a baby, we should definitely be having sex.