On Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 4, Nat and Marcel butt heads with an oncologist over a young cancer patient's care while Will struggles to get trial participants.

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Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 4 is all about difficult decisions.

When Marcel and Nat meet a 21-year-old patient with advanced cancer, Marcel promises he will do surgery and help save her life. However, the oncologist, Dr. Gillan, says the cancer is too advanced for that, and Sharon agrees. Marcel ignores their directives and books an OR anyway. He sees the cancer is very advanced and decides to do an experimental surgery. Nat agrees to help, but the oncologist is not happy with them when she finds out.

Meanwhile, April agrees to help Will with his cardiology clinical trial. Will is in desperate need of participants, and the only source is a cardiologist who won't help unless his hospital gets a cut of the patient enrollment fee. April thinks Will is right to turn the doctor down, but when a potential participant gets freaked out about the possibility of COVID exposure and runs away, Will feels he has no choice.

And finally, Choi and Charles butt heads after Charles disagrees that Choi's patient is a danger to himself and should be held against his will.

To find out what happens, watch Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 4 online.

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On Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 4, Marcel and Manning lay it all on the line to assist a sick woman while Halstead faces a battle with his clinical trial.

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Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Maggie: I'm not gonna say anything, but I saw that.
Nat: Saw what? We're just friends.
Maggie: Uh huh. You want me to pass him a note in homeroom too?

Charles: Sharon, it's good to see you. To SEE you. In the flesh.
Sharon: You too, Daniel. It's about time. COVID protocols have been in place for MONTHS and even with my diabetes there was no risk.