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Sharon and Michael are back from furlough. Michael is able to sell his devices again. Daniel is thrilled that Sharon is back.

Marcel and Nat almost walk into each other. Maggie teases Nat about her crush on Marcel, which Nat denies.

Choi is busy with his phone when it's time for his session with Charles. He wants to fix the ED and make the COVID vaccine distribution a reality. Charles warns him that most people aren't combat tested and for them, doing better means getting through the day. Choi has some story about how when he was in combat his CO told him he could rest when his tour was over. He was promoted to right the ship, not to be popular. He gets an important call and has to go.

In the COVID ward there is a guy in respiratory failure who is married to his high school sweetheart. Driscoll wants to start him on a COVID cocktail. The guy crashes. Choi won't let them do chest compressions because it will expose everyone to the virus. Driscoll begs to do the compressions. Choi won't let him. The guy dies. Choi claims they did their best.

Choi tells Sharon he will have some numbers for her later. Sharon says no rush. Choi wants 10-minute turnover in the rooms. Maggie says it takes 15 to resanitize. Choi also wants carts restocked at all times.

Patient is a plastic surgeon who felt lightheaded and his assistant overreacted. He says he was operating on himself. Choi checks him out and the guy is full of plastic surgery. Choi thinks there is too much blood loss. He will not release the guy. He wants a plastic surgeon for a consult. Lowry wants Choi to do it when he is not a surgeon. Choi talks to Charles about it.

Nat sees a patient who is clenching her abs too much. After an xray she discovers stool in her intestines. Could be stress-related conspitation.

Maggie tries to talk to Doris who says what does he want now. Doris dislikes Ethan. Also she found out her ancestors are from Italy and is learning Italian. Maggie tells her that's nice, go do your job.

Will talks to a potential participant who is worried about the cost of the drugs and then says it's too risky.. The pills he's on is working. COVID is a wild card, so he doesn't want to go to an hospital. Will tells him the COVID ward is totally contained. The guy doesn't believe him at first but then says he'll come in. April comes in. Will says he is behind his quota and it's been hard to get the patients he needs because of the criteria. He is going to talk to a cardiologist later today. April wants to help. She felt she was part of something in the COVID ward and wants to feel that again.

Nat discovers her patient has stomach cancer and it's advanced.

The patient is only 21 and doesn't understand. She didn't want to risk exposing her parents to COVID so she didn't come to the hospital earlier. She asks if she is going to die. Marcel tells her he believes he can remove part of the tumor.

Charles says this is impressive. Lowry is condescending about Charles' psychiatric skills. 

The oncologist says the cancer has progressed too far and surgery is not a real option. She walks off. Marcel has his own opinion.

Charles says Lowry has body dysmorphia.

Augie is ill. He has a fever. Maggie tells Ben he needs to bring him in.

The cardiologist is skeptical of this clinical trial. Will thinks it will work. The cardiologist agrees but he wants to discuss his cut. He wants 30% of the patient  enrollment fee or he won't do it.

Sharon says Isabella's cancer is too progressive for the surgery. Nat says but she was protecting her family, she deserves help. Goodiwn says that the virus is still killing people and they can't save everyone. 

Lowry instructs Choi as he works on him. He doesn't like how Choi is doing it but doesn't want him to call a plastic surgeon.

Augie has been brought in. Nat examines him. He trusts Maggie. 

Maggie and Nat talk privately. Maggie says his liver is failing? Nat says yes but he's stable. But it's time for a transplant. Maggie isn't ready. 

Ethan is finished. Lowry doesn't seem happy. Choi tells Charles that he doesn't think Lowry is reckless and shouldn't be practicing. Charles disagrees. Choi thinks the medical board should decide. Charles thinks he is qualified. Choi insists Lowry is unstable.

April and Will talk. April thinks Will did the right thing. Will is worried about finding enough patients. April says well that one patient is coming in right.

Sharon says Augie has a rare blood type. She doesn't know how long it will be before Augie can get a liver. Maggie is sure Sharon knows more than she's saying. Sharon says Augie is not critical so he is likely low on t he list. Maggie says so we have to wait for him to get sicker when a donor liver will be hard to find? It may not happen. Sharon doesn't know.

Nat is on the phone with someone who won't do the surgery. A nurse tells Nat this can't wait and whispers something to her. Nat rushes to a room where Marcel is operating without permission. He is discovering that the oncologist was right. The cancer has spread to her kidneys -- now what? He wants to do experimental ex vivo surgery -- take the kidney out temporarily and then put it back. He says if they don't do this Isabella will die.

April talks to Will. 2 out of 8 agreed. The participant sees a COVID patient coming in and decides he doesn't want to be part of the trial anymore. 

Maggie is distracted while talking to Doris. Suddenly she gets an idea. She takes a DNA swab from Augie.

Right kidney is looking good. The oncologist shows up and questions him. Nat says it's only a matter of time before they're found out.

Lowry has pulled out his sutures and is bleeding.  Choi calls for restraints. Charles says no. Choi wants the guy sedated. Charles refuses. He gets Lowry to calm down. Choi yells at Charles not to interfere with his treatment and storms off to the bathroom, possibly having a PTSD flashback. He beats up a dispenser.

Working on left kidney. Lots of blood loss.  Marcel says maybe one kidney is enough for her to tolerate chemo. They unclamp the vein to see what happens. Strong blood flow. The oncologist threatens to have them both fired.

Will goes to see Mayfield. He says there is a way to find common ground. 

Choi comes to Charles' office and apologizes. Charles notices his hand. Choi tells Charles about the patient who died earlier.  He wanted to do the compressions but he did nothing. Charles says he's sorry Choi is going through that. Charles suggests that this is why Choi is frustrated with Lowry. Lowry is having control issues just like Choi. What if perfection is not possible? Maybe accept being mortal. Remember the Serenity Prayer?

Maggie is expediting the DNA results and will get an answer by this week. Ben isn't sure about this. Maggie says the Internet is flooded with stories. This is gonna work. It has to.

Goodwin has summoned Nat and Marcel to her office. Marcel says let's get this over with. He is sorry for putting her in an impossible position. Nat says whatever happens happens to them both.

Goodwin is mad and doesn't know where to begin, but at the same time she says they did an incredible job. They came very close to being fired but she talked the board out of it. 

April realizes Will went to see Mayfield. He has got 100 patients. April knows he isn't happy making this deal. Will says it's about saving lives. April offers to help him start sorting files.

Nat and Marcel start making out and getting ready to have sex...







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Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Maggie: I'm not gonna say anything, but I saw that.
Nat: Saw what? We're just friends.
Maggie: Uh huh. You want me to pass him a note in homeroom too?

Charles: Sharon, it's good to see you. To SEE you. In the flesh.
Sharon: You too, Daniel. It's about time. COVID protocols have been in place for MONTHS and even with my diabetes there was no risk.