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Erin tries to get Justin to talk about what happened. Voight finds out Justin was with some murderers. Burgess and Adam have a fun moment together. Antonio gets on Voight's bad side during the case. 

Voight searches for Justin, and Erica contacts Antonio over Voight. This puts Antonio and Voight in a stalemate. Antonio tells Voight that he was forced to take this investigation. They decide to see where the investigation leads them. Erin asks Voight if he's going to bury the case since Justin is the driver, and Voight tells her he can't with Antonio leading the case. 

Voight tries to use Diego against Antonio. When the surveillance video comes in it confirms that Justin was the driver. Justin tries to get Erin to help him leave town; Erin brings Justin in to the station. Antonio tells Voight that Internal Affairs came to make a deal for him, and they know all about Voight's shady dealings. 

Voight tells Justin you can't fix what's broken on the inside. Voight drops him off in front of an Army recruitment office. Adam's fiancé invites Olinski to a drink. Archie tells Antonio they found another body in the river. 

Chicago PD
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