Money and Interrogation - Chicago PD
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Torres is on his way to work and getting on his mothers case about eating healthier after her issues.

Atwater picks him up from home, and they gossip about Ruzek proposing. They get a call and respond to a car chase. They find a person dead in the car with cocaine.

They figure out that the kid they found with the coke in his car was working for a huge drug dealer the cops couldn't get anything on ndespite working on the case for six years.

Torres volunteers to go under and become the new runner.

He eaes into it pretending to know the dead guy and starts using the garage that's a front. Eventually, he gets brought into the fold at the club to meet the boss.

He meets up with Eric the next day and his aunt, Gloria, the boss' wife, shows up. She has to make a run and has Torres drive her to collect. When she says someone is skimming off the top, Torres jumps into enforcer mode.

But he also notices that she's skimming money off the top. She takes him to a diner where they get to know each other better and he asks her about the skimming, but she doesn't get to respond when her husband shows up. He throws out her food because he doesn't want her to "get fat" and generally seems like a controlling and borderline abusive guy and Torres has to tamp down his reactions.

Ruzek and Atwater are figuring out that she's more involved in the operation than they thought.

Torres proposes that they use Gloria because she's used as a shied Torres believes. The dealer's previous wives didn't fare well from abuse to suicidce.

Torres proposes that they flip Gloria.

Upton and Atwater check out Gloria's car while Torres goes to see her promising to help her. He ends up arresting her and bringign her in, and he opens up about helping his mother out of a similiar situation, brings up the track record with the previous wives and wants her to be the CI to help take Perez down..

They set up a sting to get Perez, moving dope and catching him in the act, but he doesn't show up, leaving them confused and having to go through with letting a bunch of drugs hit the streets.

Gloria is upset and beating up on Torres wondering what happened. He presses her about who she was texting earlier, and she says her hsuband but said she didn't tip him off.

She tells him that he got a phone call about Eric the night before and that Eric was supposed to be at the sting.

Ruzek and Upton find Eric dead with his tongue cut out. Perez must've thought Eric was a snitch.

Torres tells Gloria the news and she's a wreck about it.

She and Torres go back and forth. She starts attacking him when he tries to calm her down. She tells himt hat he's like her, and kisses him. He stops her. But then they start kissing and end up screwing each other in the alley.


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Chicago PD Season 11 Episode 4 Quotes

Torres: I can get under.
Voight: Tough play.
Torres. I know. But I know these guys. I am these guys. I can get under.

Speaking of resets, Ruzek popped the question again...