Burzekwater Protects Civilians - Chicago PD
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Hailey visits Petrovic in rehab because she asked for her and didn't have anyone else.

Hailey tells Petrovic that she's still running but it's not doing much. She runs six miles a day. Petrovic pointed out that it's just like being an alcholic.

Hailey gets a cal from Voight. Some other cops pull in a person who wants to flip in echange for her charges getting dropped and she runs down a list of info that she has.

She mentions the details of the serial killer case including things that weren't mentioned to the public, and says that the serial killer is a cop.

They focus on trying to find Kiki. They track her down, but she runs from them, so Hailey puts a call out on the line that they're looking for an offender.

They finally go through knocking on doors after a tip from Kiki's boyfriend and pinging her other phone.

Hailey finds her and she gets to talk to her. She promises Kiki witsec if she talks. Kiki mentions something about a guy saying his cop relative was a killer.

Before Kiki can give a name, she's shot through the window. They get her down and to help.

Meanwhile, the others head across to the other building in search of the shooter. They all split up. Ruzek happens across another cop and tries to use some caution. They find the room where the shooter shot from, and they look out the window and see the suspect getting into a white car.

Ruzek phones it in to Voight who goes on a chase after the person but loses him.

Kiki dies in the ambulance and Hailey appears distraught.

They try to figure out who Kiki was talking about when she mentioned her John having a relatiave who was the killer. They aren't getting any leads.

PEtrovic tells Hailey that she's starting to get Hialey's fixation and why she stays when she has family there, like vOight.

Hailey gets a tip from Vice that may be a lead, so she tells Voight about it, and heads there.

Voight pores over the case while sitting in a cop bar and every person in there feel suspicious to him as he thinks about Noah.

Hailey talks to the John who Kiki mentioned and he finally breaks down and tells her about his cousin's husband who he thought was a cop who wanted to tallk to him about torture and stuff.

She learns that the killer is Matson, a watchkeeper, not a cop.

She tries to call Voight. Meanwhile Voight sees the white car, runs the plates, but it wasn't who it should've been. But he does notice a car watching him and pulling off.

He heads home, but he's been drugged and feels the ramifcations of it, getting dizzy an blurry eyes. He falls out.

Frank, the watch keeper shows up and drags him away.

Hailey tries to call Voight while the others head to Frank's house to search it. He's nowhere to be found and his wife doesn' tknow what's going on.

Hailey goes to Voight's house and notices that he's not there and there have been signs of entry from someone else and sees that he's been taken. She tells the others.



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