Poker Game Raid - Chicago PD
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Ruzek is going through the retread process. He has a hard time with taking the tests and going through the motions without the job is driving him crazy.

Ruzek goes to a last minute poker game in the middle of the night.

Ruzek just wins a major hand when thieves come in and shoot up the place, taking all the money and people's possessions.

Shots fire and two people are shot and killed. Ruzek calls Voight and telsl him the details. Voight tells him to leave or he'll get in trouble for being at an illegal gambling game with his CI that is under investigation by Vice and others.

Ruzek's CI doesn't answer many questions and his sister takes him out and lies about what he has going on.

Voight won't answer Kim's question about why they're taking the case.

Internal Affairs shows up and Voight eventually tells Burgess the truth. IAD finds Ruzek's slugs at the scene and Voight is protecting Adam and the rest of the team are working to find the offenders to keep Ruzek out of it.

They discover that two robbers infiltrated the game and it was an inside job. They go in deep to arrest the brothers

Ruzek checks in with Trudy on the update about his status and he's still not ready for work. He goes to check on his Ci, Zaco when he should be standing down and gets a lead on where the Bala brothers they were looking for. He telsl Voight where they are and hears shots fired. He finds Clay Bala dying and the others shot to death and tries to get more information about who shot them.

He leaves the scene while Voight and Hailey show up at the scene.

Hailey notices Ruzek's truck leaving and that he tried to stop the bleeding.

A witness says that they saw a white guy in a jeep outside and Hailey admits she saw a jeep too. She tries to call Voight out on it being Ruzek, but Voight won't say anything.

Atwater gets a lead about Zaco, and Kim won't say that she knows it's Ruzek's CI. They pick him up for possesion and she puts him in the cage.

Zaco figures out that they're trying to protect Adam, and that he shouldn't have been there and arranges a deal for himself to keep his mouth shut. He agrees to wear a wire while meeting up with who is responsible for shooting the Bala brothers.

Ruzek tells Voight that he's worried about becoming his father, and how the job is all he has.

Zaco gets in the car and starts asking questions and to the guy who orchestrated the rip. The cops lose him when the guy catches on that Zaco is asking too many questions. The recording starts to mess up and the lose the wire. They have no feed.

Zaco calls Ruzek but the call drops. Ruzek calls Burgess.

Somehow Ruzek taps into the feed and sees what's going on. Zaco gives his safe word and Ruzek heads to the location he hears Zaco mention.

Ruzek shows up in time just as Arwen shoots Zaco.

Burgess chases down Arwen and gets into a shootout with him. He slides down a roof and is about to fall. She tries to save him, but he slips down and falls to his death.

Zaco is headed to the hospital with Ruzek riding with him, and he appears to be doing fine.

The case is closed and IAD is backing off and Ruzek is in the clear.

At the hospital, the doctor informs them that Zaco died due to complications and his sister slaps Ruzek and blames him for Zaco's desath.

Ruzek gets the alert that he past his test, and he's back on the job.


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Chicago PD Season 11 Episode 2 Quotes

Voight: I was just about to call Adam.
Burgess: How bad is it?

Adam, if you stay there, the only thing you're doing is ending your career.