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A woman is sexually assaulted and killed in the park while jogging and two black teens are identified as the suspects. 

The two boys flee to the church and seek sanctuary with the help of Father McSorley. This frustrates the police and outrages some of the residents, including the victim's family, leading to an angry mob outside of the church. 

Mcsorley refuses to turn the boys over because he knows they are two good kids, foster kids, and he knows that the relationship between black males and the police can be contentious.

Someone throws a molotov cocktail in the church, burning it down and causing Voight, McSorley and the boys to leave for their own safety.

Rixton seems to have a hard time with the case, challenging McSorley at every turn and getting all around frustrated wiht his presence. He heads to a gangbanger to see if the kids are associated with his gang.

There seems to be more to his relationship with the gang leader, who seems to owe Rixton a lot for protecting him.

Rixton lies to voight about it and Voight calls him out on it later.

They figure out that the witness who identified the two boys was the real killer. Olinski gives Burgess a hard time because she intervieewd him and didn't find him suspicious. They stake out his house and found that he has killed the real owner of the house and has his head and hand in the freezer.

The suspect, Tillman runs and they have a car chase until Olinski and Burgess find him. He tries to shoot Olinski but Burgess tackles and arrests him, saving Olinski's life.

Tillman admits that he killed the girl, he has a long history of killing things and being sexually deviant. Voight calls him out on blaming two black boys for the murder.

Olinkski thanks Burgess for saving him. 

The boys are freed.

Atwater does standup. 

Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Yo, Al, don't you got some sort of beef with Father McSorley?


I'm sorry officers, but unless you're here to pray, you can't come inside.