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The midseason finale of Chicago PD finds Halstead celebrating his two-week anniversary with Camila, the late Luis's sister. 

Things seem to be getting pretty serious between them but she still thinks his name is Ryan, which means he never told her the truth about who he really is. 

Ruzek is still being blackmailed by Denny Woods who is getting impatient with the lack of results on Ruzek's front. He gives him 24 hours or he'll "bury his ass."

Knowing that he doesn't have much of a choice, Ruzek plants the money that Denny gave him to set Voight up. 

Much to his dismay, Voight takes the bait and pockets the $15 thousand dollars, which Ruzek caught on camera. 

Woods is relentless and finally, Ruzek tells him he's done playing. He's not going to sell out Voight to save himself. He cleaned up his sister's DUI because she's family and he'll pay the price for it because Intelligence is also his family. 

Woods warns him to make a stupid decision but Ruzek is convinced that of the two terrible ones, this is the better option. 

However, Voight realized that Ruzek was the mole and made Olinsky "take him for a little ride," which translates to "Ruzek isn't getting out alive."

Upton and Halstead team up to take down a suburban mother known for selling Oxy. 

During their undercover assignment, Julianne is found dead in her home of an overdose. 

Things take a turn for the worse when they realize Julianne is the daughter of prominent, former Judge Wells. 

Intelligence goes after two suppliers, one of whom turns up dead. 

They pay the doctor whose name is on the prescriptions a visit but he insists he's not involved. 

Shortly after, they find a connection between the doctor and one of the suppliers; their cousins! 

They pursue the supplier, who tries to kill his own cousin but eventually, Voight realizes that the man who killed Vance, the initial supplier, was actually the former judge hoping to avenge his daughter's death. 

Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

It's the new world of reform, everyone wants to bury a cop.


Ruzek: Voight is my family, that's what you don't understand. They're all my family. And I'm not going to give them up for the likes of you.
Denny Woods: It's not a bridge that you want to burn son.
Ruzek: You're right. It's a bridge that I want to blow the hell up.