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A string of armed robberies leads Ruzek and Atwater to a robbery-turned-murder in the city's Albany Park neighborhood.

A Bulgarian business owner was shot dead in his establishment and no one wants to talk to the police. 

His brother, Vasil, explains that his people don't trust the police, but that's not a good enough answer for Voight. 

They locate the car used in the robbery at a junkyard, but the owner refuses to allow Ruzek and Atwater to take a look at the car without a warrant. 

Ruzek dispatches patrol to tail the guy and pull him over. 

The guy refuses to cooperate and spits on Ruzek who begins to pound his head into the divider in front of him until he gives him some information. 

The guy caves and tells them that whoever dropped off the car used a ride-sharing service to get home. 

Ruzek tells patrol to let the guy go because he has a busted lip, but they refuse. 

Ruzek and Werner get into it about how he treats the recruit and wants to blame everything on him. 

It comes back to bite him in the ass when the owner of the junkyard gets his lawyer to press charges and Werner falsified the report stating he busted the dude's lip. 

Platt attempts to fix the situation and successful gets Werner 3 days suspension if he pleads guilty. 

That doesn't sit well with him. 

Meanwhile, Intelligence locates their suspect Gregory Barnes, a man with no record. 

They find a connection between him and Vasil's bartender Chelsea, who reveals that Peter boasted about how well the business was doing and they decided to rob the joint to ensure that their child had a good future. 

She tells them Barnes is staying at a motel, but they find him dead inside. 

They belive his partner, Jack Cranston, is responsible. 

Gunfire is exchanged when they locate Cranston, who manages to escape because patrol doesn't arrive as back-up to help Intelligence because of Ruzek's tiff with them. 

They find the car that Cranston jacked which leads them to his hideout. 

Cranston admits to stealing from the Bulgarian restaurant, but blames the murder on clumsy Barnes. 

However, Voight realizes that Cranston has no idea that Barne is dead. 

"We're looking at the wrong guy," he admits. 

Then, it dawns on him that the white man stalking Barnes was Peter looking to get revenge for his uncle. 

Voight finds the gun under Peter's bed, but Vasil covers for him and takes the fall instead. 

Ruzek and Voight grab a drink at the end of the night and when Ruzek says he'll do anything to make this Werner situation go away, Voight is pleased. 

He takes him out back where Werner is gearing up for an old school fistfight.

"He's big," Ruzek laments as he accepts the challenge. 

Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 5 Quotes

Well, you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.


But this Ruzek guy showed me no respect. Thinks he's a big shot cause he works upstairs. We're both blue. Why's he get a pass?