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Atwater is installing a surveillance system on his home after getting jumped by the cops. 

When he gets to work, he learns that his access has been cut off. Voight suggests they handle these cops a different way, but Atwater assures him he has it under control. 

Intelligence responds to a call involving Billy, the son of Alderman Braddem, who they find clutching a bloodied woman. 

He's high out of his mind and saying that he can still hear her breathing. Atwater talks Billy into putting down the knife and they arrest him. 

At the precinct, Superintendent Deputy Miller is waiting for Voight to inform him that he's not to give preferential treatment to the Alderman's son. 

Voight agrees. She also informs him that he's not to wait till Billy gets sober to question him. 

When they talk to Billy, he's not aware that Isla has died. He says a man in the apartment killed her, so Intelligence decides to follow the lead despite his intoxicated state. 

Atwater realizes that Doyle's people leaked the case to the Alderman, who shows up at the precinct upset and wanting to see his son. 

Upton does some digging and realizes that the murderer Billy described is a newscaster from TV. 

Billy's father lawyers up, but Billy refuses the help because he knows it means his dad thinks he's guilty. 

Miller confronts Voight about taking too long to arrest Billy, but he informs her that she's not waiting for facts and simply wants to protect her image from media scrutiny. 

Billy sobers up and rejects the idea that the man he was talking about was someone on TV. 

He walks Intelligence through the evening that found him and Isla using for the first time in over a year. 

Intelligence realizes he's telling the truth. They ping Isla's cell phone to Lake Forest and check out a house there. 

The woman, Hadley, tells the cops she hasn't seen anything, but Ruzek notices a camera and discovers a basement with over a million dollars worth of heroin. 

Atwater gets a call from his brother, Jordan, that the security alarm was tripped. He gets home and immediately starts looking for a wire. He looks paranoid, but he eventually pulls out a wire hidden behind a light fixture proving that this feud is much uglier than initially imagined. 

Ruzek suggests finding a way out of this, but Voight urges them to get back on the case. 

They find a connection between Isla, Hadley, and a man named Tim Rollins, who they assume was Isla's ex from before she met Billy. 

They track down his car and identify it as the same vehicle that was spotted idling in front of Isla's apartment. 

When Tim sees the cops, he makes a run for it. A chase ensues. Ruzek calls for backup, but no one responds. As he turns a corner, he gets shot. The bullet is stopped by his vest but hits his ribs. 

Atwater realizes no one is offering backup because of him and blames himself for Ruzek getting shot.  

Atwater is furious that the Blue Wall is coming for his unit, but when he confronts McKenzie, he tells him that "he's giving order."

Once Intelligence nabs Tim, Atwater confronts Sgt. Kenny, who tells him he'll keep coming for him until he has his badge. 

Atwater and Voight have a heart-to-heart in which Voight breaks down his options: give up his badge or stall his career. 

Neither of those work for Atwater, who is already struggling with being a good Black cop. 

He decides on a third option. When Nolan comes home, he finds Atwater sitting at his dining room table to tell him that he's either going to let this go or Atwater will willingly give up the badge to publicly tear him down as a racist in the media. 

Nolan gets the message. 

Atwater puts his badge on, but when he gets back home, he scares off a group of neighborhood boys who still don't trust the cops. 

Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 8 Episode 2 Quotes

Ruzek: Patrol never rolled.
Burgess: He's good.
Atwater: They're not rolling with me. I'm sorry, bro.

Superintendent Deputy Miller: You disobeyed a direct order.
Voight: Because it wasn't real.
Superintendent Deputy Miller: If I give you an order, it's real.
Voight: No, not if you don't tell me why you're giving it to me.