On Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 18, Intelligence tries to take down a gang leader that never gets his hands dirty. Will they find a way to nab him?

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On Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 18, as Intelligence attempts to take down an elusive gang leader, Rojas finds herself personally involved when she realizes it can hurt someone she loves very much. Will she prioritize being a cop?

Episode Details

Intelligence does everything they can to build a case against the elusive leader of a drug ring, but things get complicated when Rojas realizes someone she cares about might be involved.

Rating: 4.8 / 5.0 (9 Votes)
Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 18 Quotes

Upton: Vanessa, you’ve told the people in your life you’re a cop, right?
Rojas: I don’t really have a lot of people. Just him, really. And no, he’s got no idea I’m a cop.

If this guy’s anymore careful, I’m going to blow my brains out.