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Chuck is still captured by the Belgian, where they are manipulating Chuck's dreams to try to release the intersect.

The team sets out to rescue Chuck, starting with a mission at the Thai Embassy. The capture the Thai guy that knows the Belgian and Sarah decides to interrogate him. She finds out that Chuck is being kept in a Thai jungle by the Belgian.

Sarah fights her way through Thailand and challenges their current kick boxing champion to find out where the Belgian is. After defeating him Sarah and the gang make their way to the hideout where Sarah spills her emotional heart out to Chuck in order to get him to wake up from his dreams.

Ellie and Awesome find the computer that was under the seat of Steve Bartowski's car. While Ellie heads to work, Awesome gets Lester and Jeff to try to get the computer to turn on. They finally get it working and Ellie figures out what the password is.  What's on the screen?  We'll find out next time.

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Chuck Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Welcome back, and Daddy's got something Daddy likes...I'm Daddy.


You really expect to keep a girl like that, without flashing?