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Things open up in France where an Agent Rosenbaum is being chased.  Before being taken down by the bad guys, he injects a nanochip into a bottle of wine.

Chuck and Sarah go out to dinner, where he was planning on proposing to her in grand fashion, but after hearing about how a similar proposal by Sarah's father went horribly wrong, Chuck calls the whole thing off.

Chuck, Sarah, and Casey head to France to retrieve the nanochip.  Morgan convince Chuck to go on a submission, and propose to Sarah while in France.

Lester is having a difficult time dealing with the fact that his parents have arranged him to marry a woman from Canada.  That is until he meets her and she is quite attractive. He first attempts to win her over with an array of traditionalist Jewish, Hindu and Canadian items.  Once he finds out she's just a normal girl, he tries to woo her with a Jeffster! performance. Both attempts fail miserably.

Casey finds out what bottle the chip is in, but the French bad guys do as well. Chuck finds it first and takes out the Frenchies. Once he gets it back to Sarah, he attempts to propose again, but Casey makes them leave before he gets the chance.

Chuck and Sarah head back to France to trade a fake nanochip for money with the French bad guys.  This time Sarah takes control of Chuck's proposal through Morgan.  Once the deal goes down and they take out the bad guys, Chuck attempts to propose one more time, but the CIA comes and takes Sarah away for treason.

It turns out that Sarah getting taken away for treason was the plan the entire time, because she's leaving to go undercover in Volkoff's group.

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Chuck Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Why is everyone so obsessed with marriage?!?! I don't want to talk about it.


Chuck: The proposal is off. We can't have it in an Italian restaurant.
Morgan: Are you kidding me. What is she on like a no carb thing?