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Vivian Volkoff has created a new weapon, the Norseman.  Mary Bartowski attempts to steal it but is captured.  The Team sets out to rescue her even though Chuck and Sarah's wedding is only two days away.  They save Mary, but then attempt to get the Norseman back from Volkoff.  They send Morgan in disguised, but he fails to get the job done.

Meanwhile Ellie puts Morgan in charge of making a video montage of Chuck and Sarah for the rehearsal dinner, but because of the mission he pawns it off on Lester and Jeff.  After being disgusted by Lester's video, Ellie attempts to finish it herself, but fails to do so.  Jeff ends up coming through with a sweet video for the dinner.

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Chuck Season 4 Episode 23 Quotes

Awesome: You seriously don't do any core work?
Chuck: Just sitting up to reach the remote.

Sorry my brides maids couldn't help out more. Staging that coup is taking longer than expected.