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Junior is mad about Lexy pissing Jake off so he tells her to fix things.

Jake tries to kill Lexy but we learn that Junior is wearing the same colored clothing as her and it all falls apart.

Lexy goes to Jake and issues a fake apology. He tries to kill her behind her back.

She asks for Chucky and he says no.

He later takes her to the house after Chucky asks.

Devon's mom is trying to find out the truth and she tells her son to stay away from Jake.

This does not sit well Devon who continues digging.

At Lexy's house, Caroline is happy to have Chucky back and they go to bed, but Chucky has other plans. He says he wants to kill Lexy.

Lexy is having a silent party and things get heated when one of the teens are killed mistakenly by Chucky.

Chucky then tries to kill Lexy in the attic but a fire kicks off and we learn in the past that he killed his mother and was pushed into becoming a serial killer.

He wants to push Jake into becoming a serial killer but knows there's much more to be done first.

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Chucky Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Snug as a fucking bug.


God, you're so fucking weird.