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Desna is running from Roller at an abandoned amusement park while her crew tracks her phone. Roller exchanges gunfire with one of the Russians while Desna spots and catches up Ann's van. Desna is worried the Russians will go after Jenn, but Jenn is in bed with Hank and is ignoring her calls. Roller calls Uncle Daddy and tells him to get Jenn's girls someplace safe. Uncle Daddy calls Juanda to get the girls. She goes back inside for her rings, discovers and kills one Russian, but the second gut-shots her. Uncle Daddy finds a dying Juanda at the house. One girl was taken, the other left with "Bring us Roller" on her forehead. Desna tells Jenn that the Russians have Brianne, and Jenn blames Desna. Reva calls Uncle Daddy and tells him to send Desna to her. Roller had a child with Reva's niece Olga, and they were blackmailing him about it. The Hussers were soon all attacking each other. Then they are all bawling. Roller tells Uncle Daddy that Desna and Virginia tried to kill him. Desna proposes to Reva that Uncle Daddy would give her 50 percent of his profits. Polly intercedes when Marnie's mom tries to pimp her out. Polly pays off the mom and she sells Marnie to Polly. At a sit-down with Reva, Roller trades himself for Brianne. Reva demands 100 percent of Uncle Daddy's businesses. Then Serkis comes in and pulls a gun on Reva, but she has already bought him out. Bryce and Dr. Ken take out Reva's two goons and free Roller.  But the whole ballroom is filled with Reva's soldiers. A condition of Reva's deal is that she still has to launder money at her old salon. She gives Jenn the new shop, but the crew agrees to go back with Desna.

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Claws Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

These bumbling corn-shuckers need a lesson. Let's show how we do, in the other Georgia.


Hank: You're amazing.
Jenn: I think you're still seeing me through cum-colored glasses, boo,