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Desna is now running the clinic for the Russians, with Uncle Daddy, Bryce and Roller answering to her. Dean is worried about Desna working for the Russians. Reva's niece Olga is hanging out at Densa's salon. Jenn and Bryce are still estranged from her fling with Hank. None of the Hussers are taking their new, reduced status seriously. Roller is still hitting on Desna. Reva is pushing Desna to have the Hussers pick up and run cocaine through She-Shes. Clay is still mourning Juanda. Dean has figured out Virigina is pregnant. Vlata, Reva's sister and Olga's mother, arrives. The Hussers don't show up to pick up the coke, so Reva sends Polly after Desna. They and Quiet Ann go to pick up the cocaine instead. After an argument, Vlata shoots Reva in the head and takes over the operation. The next day, Vlata tells the girls her plans. These include expanding the number of clinics, and forming an all-male revue, changing the name of She-Shes to Hammer and Pickle. She appoints Quiet Ann and Virginia to recruit the dancers, and Polly, who claims to have been in the Bolshoi, offers to train them. Desna and the reluctant Hussers explain to Vlata how the clinic works. Quiet Ann and VIrginia pick up a vanload of migrant workers as potential dancers. Vlata teaches Desna how to show the Hussers who's the boss. She shows Bryce a sex tape of Jenn and Hank and torches Clay's house. Then she stages a shotgun wedding between Roller and Olga at the Russian compound. Vlata figures that joining the two families will strengthen her control. Vlata rewards Desna with Jenn's house, and tells her that she has to break the news to Jenn. Vlata proclaims she and Desna are sisters now.

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Claws Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Bryce: So you just broke up our marriage for some random dick.
Jenn: You know, I am so tired of being judged by Vanilla Bryce.

Paging Dr. Do-me-right!

Polly [to Desna]